5 Steps to Make Moving with Pets a Breeze!

When you are moving with pets, it can be a very stressful time. And your pets will also need time to adjust to their new home. 5 steps to help!

Your Cats Don’t Get Along – What You Can Do to Help!

If you have one cat and decide to adopt or bring another cat home, it usually takes a little time for them to get along. Sometimes, it is love at first meet and other times, well it is war!

Do Dogs Groom Themselves?

We have seen our dogs licking various parts of their bodies, but is this really grooming? It sure is! And dogs groom themselves other ways too.

Is Your Dog Panting Too Much?

Our dogs pant when they exercise, are hot or excited. Panting cools down a dog's body, but if your dog is panting too much, it's time to see the vet.

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maltese puppy looking out the car window

Traveling While Feeding a Raw Food Diet

22 August, 2017

Whether we are traveling with our dogs, traveling without our dogs and hiring a pet sitter, going for a day trip with our dogs, or taking our dogs for a long walk - all of these “trips” have changed since I became a raw feeder.

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cat scratch

5 Steps to Stop Your Cat From Scratching the Furniture!

18 August, 2017

To stop your cat from scratching the furniture, you need to fulfill the scratching urge by substituting pads and posts for your cat to scratch. Read these 5 steps to help train your cat to get his claws off your furniture!

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Pet Gotcha Day!™ Makes Pet Adoption More Real With Video!

16 August, 2017

Pet Gotcha Day!™, a recent start-up, came up with the brilliant concept to use 360° videos to bring adoptable pets to life. Pets get their own photo shoot with a special 360-degree camera and you get a real sense of the pet’s personality.

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aggression in cats

How to Stop Aggressive Behavior in Cats!

10 August, 2017

Aggression in cats is not our cats attempt to attack us, but is usually their way of expressing themselves. There are ways to stop this aggressive behavior.

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The Huge Benefits of Sheep Milk for Dogs and Cats!

9 August, 2017

Sheep’s milk is packed with tons of nutrients and its benefits are remarkable for dogs and cats. It is a probiotic, helps with digestion and is also a stress reducer. It is also packed with vitamins and your pets will love the taste!

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Senior Dog Dietary Tips for Optimum Health!

8 August, 2017

As our dogs age, we notice some of the changes that gradually occur in our dogs and choosing the right diet or supplements can help the aging process.

Why Do Some Cats Choose a Favorite Person?

10 July, 2017

If you have a cat that likes everyone, but just happens to choose a favorite person, it's amusing and confusing. Why do cats choose a favorite?