5 Steps to Make Moving with Pets a Breeze!

When you are moving with pets, it can be a very stressful time. And your pets will also need time to adjust to their new home. 5 steps to help!

Your Cats Don’t Get Along – What You Can Do to Help!

If you have one cat and decide to adopt or bring another cat home, it usually takes a little time for them to get along. Sometimes, it is love at first meet and other times, well it is war!

Do Dogs Groom Themselves?

We have seen our dogs licking various parts of their bodies, but is this really grooming? It sure is! And dogs groom themselves other ways too.

Is Your Dog Panting Too Much?

Our dogs pant when they exercise, are hot or excited. Panting cools down a dog's body, but if your dog is panting too much, it's time to see the vet.

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dog friendly

What Makes Dogs So Friendly? New Study Finds It’s Genetic!

21 July, 2017

A new study showed that dogs that are really friendly have a variation in several genes that make some dogs' super friendly and sociable. Dogs that don't have this composition are not as friendly.

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clean cat ears

Cleaning Your Cat’s Ears – What You Need to Know!

20 July, 2017

Depending on your cat’s grooming habits, you might or might not need to clean your cat's ears. Many cats are excellent at grooming themselves and require very little ear care.

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Benadryl for dogs

Benadryl for Dogs? What You Need to Know!

18 July, 2017

Benadryl, which most of us humans use from time-time, is one of the few over-the-counter drugs that veterinarians often recommend for dogs. Benadryl can be used for allergic reactions, travel and to reduce anxiety.

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cat scratching

Why Do Cats Like to Scratch?

17 July, 2017

Cats love to scratch. They don’t scratch to annoy us, but scratching is essential for their well-being and there are reasons they like to scratch everything. The key is to re-direct the scratching to the right place and not your furniture!

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rats as starter pet

Rats Can Be Great Starter Pets – What to Know!

14 July, 2017

Pet rats are clean, intelligent, sociable critters that make wonderful pets. Yes, pet rats belong to the same species as the wild rat, but they aren’t the same as the rats you might find lurking in your home!

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How Your Cat Communicates with You!

9 June, 2017

Feline language is a mix of facial expression, tail position, ear position and other forms of body language Cats learn to make demands of us by observing which of their sounds cause which human responses.

Should You Trim Your Dog’s Nails?

6 June, 2017

Dog nails are constantly growing. Some dogs wear down their nails naturally from walking, but it is important to keep your dog's nails short and trimmed.