Your Cats Don’t Get Along – What You Can Do to Help!

If you have one cat and decide to adopt or bring another cat home, it usually takes a little time for them to get along. Sometimes, it is love at first meet and other times, well it is war!

Do Dogs Groom Themselves?

We have seen our dogs licking various parts of their bodies, but is this really grooming? It sure is! And dogs groom themselves other ways too.

Is Your Dog Panting Too Much?

Our dogs pant when they exercise, are hot or excited. Panting cools down a dog's body, but if your dog is panting too much, it's time to see the vet.

Does Your Cat Love You – Uh, Yeah!

Cats can be very expressive and loving pets, but sometimes their affection isn’t as simple as a lick on your hand.

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