Is Your Dog Panting Too Much?

Our dogs pant when they exercise, are hot or excited. Panting cools down a dog's body, but if your dog is panting too much, it's time to see the vet.

Does Your Cat Love You – Uh, Yeah!

Cats can be very expressive and loving pets, but sometimes their affection isn’t as simple as a lick on your hand.

The Best Way to Introduce Your Newly Adopted Cat to Your Other Kitty

If you have just adopted a kitty and are bringing him home to meet your favorite feline at home, there might be a little tension at first.

8 Tips When You Bring Your Adopted Dog Home

If you have just adopted a dog and this is a first time for you, you are probably excited and nervous.

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vip pet care

VIP Petcare – Convenient Clinics That Save Pet Parents Money and Time!

27 September, 2016

VIP PetCare offers a range of preventative care non- emergency procedures at local pet stores. Their clinics have licensed veterinarians who perform procedures, such as vaccinations, microchipping and more at affordable rates.

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Fresh nutritious and delicious minced raw meat and bone dog food in bowl

11 Fears of Raw Feeding !

26 September, 2016

Many dog owners, including myself, originally feared making the change to raw feeding. And to top it off, social media only furthers the fear and confusion.

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arthritic dog

How to Help Your Arthritic Dog!

23 September, 2016

As our dogs age, what used to be second nature to them becomes harder (just like as we get older). Read some of the non-medical ways to help our dogs.

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How to Prevent Hot Spots in Dogs!

20 September, 2016

Hot spots are a form of dermatitis and may result from allergy, flea infestation, or itchy skin. Read how to prevent hot spots for good!

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Tips to Clean Your Cat’s Ears Quickly and Efficiently!

19 September, 2016

To keep your cats' ears in great condition and to avoid infection, it’s a good idea to look at your cats' ears on a regular basis for anything abnormal.

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6 Ways to Stop Your Cat from Meowing All Night!

26 May, 2016

Our cats are nocturnal so in order to stop them from meowing all night, you need to keep them active during the day and a play session right before your bedtime.

Do Dogs Understand Time?

24 May, 2016

Dogs seem to have an accurate sense of time. But do our beloved pups really know what time it is or is there something else that helps them track time.