Is Your Dog Panting Too Much?

Our dogs pant when they exercise, are hot or excited. Panting cools down a dog's body, but if your dog is panting too much, it's time to see the vet.

Does Your Cat Love You – Uh, Yeah!

Cats can be very expressive and loving pets, but sometimes their affection isn’t as simple as a lick on your hand.

The Best Way to Introduce Your Newly Adopted Cat to Your Other Kitty

If you have just adopted a kitty and are bringing him home to meet your favorite feline at home, there might be a little tension at first.

8 Tips When You Bring Your Adopted Dog Home

If you have just adopted a dog and this is a first time for you, you are probably excited and nervous.

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cat eating

How to Help Your Finicky Cat to Eat More!

29 August, 2016

If your cat is a finicky eater, there is usually a reason. If your vet has ruled out any medical condition, than you need to shake up your cat's diet.

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cat sleeping

Have You Ever Wondered Why Cats Sleep So Much?

24 August, 2016

Anyone who has owned a cat is amazed at how much our cats sleep. Though their sleeping patterns vary, cats generally sleep about 13 -16 hours per day.

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healthy dog food

How to Find a Good, Healthy Dog Food!

23 August, 2016

When transitioning to a new dog food or if you are just looking for a new healthy food for your dog, there are some things you should look for to make a good choice!

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cat training

Can You Train Your Cat? Yes and You Should!

17 August, 2016

The goal in training our cats is to try to teach them how to control their own behavior and not force or demand it upon them. It is the best way to get the desired behavior you are looking for.

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dog likes affection

Dogs Respond More to Affection Than to Treats!

16 August, 2016

We all know how much our dogs love treats as a reward for good behavior, but it turns out that affection beats out food for training in a current study!

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smart pet id tag

The Smart Pet Tag™ by PetHealthLocker – A Unique ID Tag that Will Get Your Lost Pet Home Safely!

16 August, 2016

The Smart Pet Tag™ is a unique physical ID tag that will get your pet home to you safely and quickly in two easy steps: enter the id on the tag and then find the contact information of the owner!

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The Deluxe Puppy Package from The Doggone Good! Clicker Company is a Must Have for Every Dog Owner!

15 August, 2016

The Doggone Good! Clicker Company’s new Deluxe Puppy Package can get you started with all the gear you need for your new puppy or dog!

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6 Ways to Stop Your Cat from Meowing All Night!

26 May, 2016

Our cats are nocturnal so in order to stop them from meowing all night, you need to keep them active during the day and a play session right before your bedtime.

Do Dogs Understand Time?

24 May, 2016

Dogs seem to have an accurate sense of time. But do our beloved pups really know what time it is or is there something else that helps them track time.