9 Tips for Living with a Dog in an Apartment !
9 Tips for Living with a Dog in an Apartment !
7 July, 2017
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If you just moved into an apartment or even a condominium, your life with a dog will be different.  As hard as it is for you to adjust to the move, your dogs need some time to make the transition too.  But, with time and a little effort, you both can live happily in your new, smaller home.

Nine tips to help make the transition smoother and a happy, smaller home:

1.  Acclimate: If you’ve adopted a new puppy or adult dog or if you’re moving your existing dog into a small space, try to acclimate your dog slowly by visiting for shorter and then longer periods.

2.  Be available as much as possible:  If an apartment or small house is a new environment for your dog, try to stay with him as much as possible in the beginning.  Go out for short periods alone at first and then lengthen them.

3.  Lighting:  Apartments can be very dark because of the surrounding buildings. They can also get too much light if they’re high up and the light pores inside.  Drapes, blinds and special bulbs can help keep the lighting natural and the sun shining when it should.  Timers on lights work wonders too.

4.  Establish a routine: This is vital for dogs who have to wait to go outside. Feeding and walking times should be consistent each day.  And it may take some extra love and training to get your dog to wait.

5.  Get a bench: A small or large bench against a windowsill gives your dog a place to jump on and look out at the world and also makes the space seem larger. Cats aren’t the only one who like to sit on perches!

6.  Invest in a doggy gate: If you have an open floor plan, make sure to put a gate up to keep your dog separated from others. Make sure to have your dog’s toys, bed in that place so he feels like it’s his home.

7.  Play indoors:  You can certainly play fetch in your apartment as long as it’s not too early or too late. Rugs helps absorb the noise of dog nails. You don’t have to be outside to have fun with your dog.

8.  Take an extra walk: A tired dog is a happy dog.  The more you can walk your dog, the less antsy or anxious he will be in his new home.  If you can’t do it, a dog walker is a great alternative.

9.  Chews and Toys: Make sure that your dog has plenty of toys to play with and/or chew on.  This will help keep your dog distracted and occupied and out of trouble!

It’s easy to find a dog who will live well in an apartment or condominium.  Even big dogs can adjust and be happy in a small space.  As long as your dog gets his food, water, walks and lots of love, any dog can thrive in an apartment.

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