How To Clean Up Your Pet’s Hair
How To Clean Up Your Pet’s Hair
20 October, 2011

We all love our pets. They make us happy and are a big part of our family. They make us laugh when we are feeling down and love us unconditionally. So, where am I going with this? What we don’t love about our pets…the pet hair which can be annoying at times because most cats and dogs shed everywhere!

I have been stopped on the street by strangers who tell me that I must have a cat or dog because I have hair all over me. Embarrassing! And, I always have my lint brush handy. Maybe I need to keep one in my purse.

And, of course, it isn’t just the cat or dog hair on you that can become problematic, but the hair everywhere in your home.

Below are some tips to help clean up the pet hair in your home.


Make sure to vacuum often during the week to cut down on the pet hair in the carpet. If you have a vacuum with a nozzle, that’s even better. Use the nozzle to vacuum the couches or sofa chairs while you are at it because our pets tend to sleep there.

For pet hair on hardwood floors and other smooth surfaces, use those electrostatic mops and use dryer sheets. They don’t push the fur around.

I love the couch!


If your dog or cat has a favorite spot, consider placing a towel or old blanket down that they can lie on and you can wash or shake the fur off of periodically. If your pet stops laying there due to the new fabric, consider getting them a pet bed and coaxing them to lay on that. Many of them have zip off outer shells that can be washed.

Also, if you take your dogs in your car regularly, it is a good idea to put a towel or blanket down on the car seat. Vacuuming the car seats regularly is also good for pet hair removal.


Brush your pets regularly. During shedding season, your dog may need more brushing. To avoid having huge amounts of fur through the house, brush your dog outside. For your indoor cat, brush him in a room that isn’t completely covered in carpeting or fabric like the kitchen or bathroom. I like to sit on the floor and brush my cats and then sweep up the fur that doesn’t get caught on the brush. And, most cats love being brushed.


For pet hair on clothing and furniture, use the tape rollers and lint brushes. You can also use the lint and/or tape rollers to remove the pet fur from your bed or comforter.

I hope these tips help you and your furniture with a little less pet hair.
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