Why Do Some Cats Choose a Favorite Person?
10 July, 2017
cat with favorite

We love our cats for all their weird, quirky and loving traits.  Each cat is so different in how he or she expresses his or her love, bonding and trust.  And while some cats tend to be a little more stand-offish, others love just about anyone.  You might even adopt or have a cat at home that prefers you, your spouse or even child more and really, what’s the rub?!

Cats are a bit more discerning than dogs when it comes to attachments

It’s really not that surprising to anyone who has a cat to find out that he or she chooses a favorite person over everyone else at home.  Dogs can be the same way, but cats are a little more fussy and particular.  Cats might not be as dependent as us on dogs, but they do attach themselves to their family members.  And some might go as far as having a favorite.

The favorite could be the person who feeds and plays with the cat more

Many cats do choose a favorite person among the family.  Your kitty might favorite someone because that person feeds or plays with the cat or spends more time around the kitty.  Every cat has an individual preference and their favorite could depend on the cat’s history and personality.  Skittish kitties sometimes favor someone who helps them feel secure and doesn’t try to corner the cat.

Becoming your kitty’s number one might be as simple as learning how to communicate with them.

Some cats might just be manipulating us to be their favorite because they know we will be the one that feeds them or spoils them.  And that usually works! Maybe, we just know what makes that kitty purr, head butt or roll over for us!

If you want to be the cat’s favorite, this is what you shouldn’t do!

If you want to be the cat’s favorite, then don’t approach the cat if he or she doesn’t want you to.  This kitty may not want to be handled or interacted with and will come to you on his own terms.  Think how you might feel being touched or handled when you aren’t in the mood.  Basically, humans who interact with their cats, giving them attention in the way they want attention — quickly become the favorite person the household, and the cats will then become very affectionate.

Earning a cat’s trust takes patience, but it definitely pays off in the end.

Cats aren’t always big on trusting. It’s part of their lingering wildness…and, if they were strays, sometimes part of their emotional baggage. It could be the individual’s manners, voice or simply how that how that person treats the cat that throws the kitty off.  Or even if the cat chooses a favorite, he or she might be loving to others too, but might not be the chosen one!

Could it be a breed issue?

That’s one theory. The Siberian cat, Norwegian forest cats, Russian blues, Bengals, and Himalayans are supposed to be more of a one-person cat.  They tend to need a lot of interaction and trust and, once this is established, they will not feel the need to be with another person.

So, what to do if you are not the chosen one?  Accept it and before you know it, that kitty will come to you and bond more than you might have thought!

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