How to Win Your Cat’s Affection!
14 August, 2017
win cat affection

Cats are the best pets and are so low maintenance.  Some cats are very affectionate and will happily cuddle up in your lap, while other cats are resistant to being pet, picked up or even cuddled. If your kitty is not naturally affectionate, there are some things you can do to bond with your cat and win your cat’s affection.

Learn how to read your cat’s body language

You can read your cat’s body language and determine what the appropriate response should be. If your cat looks restless and keeps nudging you, then he or she might want to play with you or a toy. If your cat lies in your lap and looks relaxed, then he or she wants to be stroked.

Look for signs of relaxation and contentedness. Your cat probably doesn’t desire affection when he or she is anxious or actively doing something. You should wait for your cat to relax its tail, look you in the eyes and/or slant his eyes.

Spend time with your cat doing what he or she wants –not what you want!

Spend time with your cat doing what he or she wants to do as this will gain his trust and display affection. Watch for signs of what your cat likes and does not like and obviously go for the behavior that he or she likes. For instance, if you cat doesn’t seem to like being pet on the stomach, then try to pet your cats’ head in the future. If your cat doesn’t like a certain toy or scratch pad, then you might want to buy a new toy for him or her.

Playing with your cat is a great way to bond

Roll a ball around the floor and sit there while she bats it around. Dangle a wand toy for her to tug on. If she seems comfortable with you while you’re sitting on the floor, place her in your lap while you move the toy. It may not be as good as being able to hug her and cuddle her, but it will be a form of physical bonding that will later allow you to cuddle or pick her up.

Be consistent in your behavior so your kitty understand your gestures

When you get up in the morning, if your cat doesn’t greet you, go out of your way to find her and greet her; if she is hiding, however, don’t disturb her. She’ll likely emerge when she is ready to eat, and the sound of a bag of food rattling or the can opener will draw her out.

Be consistent and talk to your kitty frequently so that she becomes accustomed to it.  Cats don’t like to be surprised so make the greeting part of your routine.

Put a t-shirt with your scent on it where your kitty likes to sleep

While cats often prefer to choose their own sleeping place, buy a cat bed or have soft bedding available for her to sleep on. Put a t-shirt with your scent on her bedding so your cat can get familiar with your scent. She’ll associate her safe, resting area with your smell.

Always let your cat come to you and never chase after your kitty

The most important thing to remember is that if you love your cat and treat him or her with affection, he or she will certainly come around.  But, don’t force it or chase after your kitty to try to engage him or her when he or she is not willing to do so or not in the mood.  That will reverse all the hard work you have done to win your cat’s affection.

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