4 Options for Cat Care When You Travel !
24 July, 2017
cat care while away

Summer is here and a lot of pet parents schedule vacations.  Or maybe you just brought a cat home and travel a lot.  Either way, you always want to make sure your cat is taken care of properly while you are away.  Cats, for the most part, don’t like to be away from their known and familiar surroundings (with some exceptions).  Usually, home is the best option for cats who aren’t a big fan of change.

Cats are OK by themselves for one day

If you are going away for one day, then your cats should be OK on their own.  Make sure to have a clean litter box, fresh food and water.  If your cats only eat wet food, than you should make sure to leave some food in the morning before you go away.

If your trip is more than a day or so, below are 4 various option for you and your kitty:  

1.  Have a friend, neighbor or family member take care of your kitty

If you have a family member or a friend (or even neighbor) that can stop by on a daily basis, this is a great option as most cats like to stay home and not vary their routine.  Cats are pretty self-sufficient, so all your friend or family member has to do is make sure that your cats have enough food, some water, and scoop out the ‘droppings’ from the litter box (and replenish litter as necessary).  And, of course, a little love and affection

2.  A professional pet sitter is a great option especially for a long vacation.

If you are going on an extended vacation, there are many pet sitters who can take care of your cat.  A pet sitter is a great alternative (although you do have to pay them) as they are trained to be with cats and know what your cat needs.  You can get recommendations from friends or even your veterinarian. If you do have a cat that needs medication of any sort, a pet sitter is the way to go.

3. If you can’t find someone to come to your home, a pet hotel or boarding facility works too

A pet hotel or boarding facility will be a totally unknown place for your cat, unless you travel regularly. Cats aren’t like dogs and adjust readily.  However, pet hotels make a big effort to create a calm and cat-friendly environment. If they are good ones, they will take competent care of your cat. They won’t fail to notice if your cat isn’t eating or has health issues.  It’s their job and they know what to look out for.

4. Have your cat stay with a friend (only if they are sociable)

Another option is to let your cat have a “sleepover,” or stay at someone else’s house. This can  work well if the person does not have cats or has very friendly cats. To avoid any issues, you’ll want to make sure that all of the cats are up to date on their vaccines, your cat gets along with any resident cats, and there are sufficient hide-away areas and clean litter boxes to help reduce stress. If you have a social cat, this can be a fun environment for them to enjoy while you are away.

Make sure whoever watches your cat has your vet’s number and emergency contacts

Make sure your pet sitter (or anyone who watches over your cat) is given all the emergency telephone numbers, just in case. Leave a number where he or she can reach you, and write down your veterinarian’s telephone number and the nearest emergency hospital as well.

As always, what you do with your cat while your away depends on your cat and your situation.  Home is the best if you can find someone trusting to spend time with your cat.

While you are away, some ideas to keep your cat entertained:

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