5 DIY Cat Food Puzzles That You Can Make at Home!
22 September, 2016

As many cat lovers know, our cats love to eat and love to play with boxes, bags and bottles.  And, when bored, our cats tend to eat more especially when dry food is left out all day long.  Food Puzzles can make cats work for their food and control over-eating. The best part is that you can make food puzzles from items that you already have around the house to see if your cat is game!

Below are 5 easy to make food puzzles for your cat:

1. Take a shoe box and cut random shapes for your cat to discover

Take a small cardboard box and cut holes that are larger than the size of your cat’s paws. Cut these holes in random places and use random shapes like circles, squares, triangles, etc. Tape the flaps of the box closed and then toss some dry kibble in there. Shoe boxes make good puzzle feeder boxes.

2. Toilet paper rolls can make a fun alternative cat food puzzle

What cat doesn’t love to bat around a roll of toilet paper? Take the cardboard center from the toilet paper roll and cut holes in it that are a little bigger than the size of the kibble. Fold the ends in to close them and you have an easy and cheap puzzle feeder.

3. A plastic water bottle makes a durable long lasting food puzzle

You can also make one out of a small plastic water bottle.  All you need to do is cut holes in the plastic bottle and then pour some dry kibble in. Replace the cap and you have a feeder that’s simple for the cat to roll around, plus it makes an alluring sound.

4. A plastic holiday egg (if you have that around) is a very durable and fun food puzzle

Cut a couple of holes in the top and bottom section of the holiday egg using the X-ACTO or utility knife.  Trim away any remnant plastic so the opening is as free as can be.  Place some kibble inside the holiday egg, reassemble it and give it a test before rolling it out for play. Widen the holes as needed to ensure kibble can pass through.

5. An egg carton is a ready assembled food puzzle

All you need to do is take an egg carton and put some dry food in the cups! Cut the carton in two so you can have two puzzles.  The carton will slow down your cat’s eating, and if they are nimble with their paws, they can fish food out of the cups!  Easy breezy.

When you make homemade puzzle feeders, you should be around to supervise the playing.  Most of the above puzzles are safe enough but it’s always a good idea to watch your kitties when trying something new.

Our cats do get bored, so shake it up and try a new puzzle every week.  And, for those who aren’t as handy or if your kitty needs more of a challenge, Amazon has some sturdier cat food puzzles.

Read more about the benefits of food puzzles and how they can stimulate your cat and prevent them from over-eating!


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