5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cat Active
17 December, 2012

If you have an indoor cat, you might be worried that your cat is not getting enough exercise and/or activity.  Cats can easily sleep the day away.  However, keeping your indoor cat active and entertained will not only have health benefits, but will also prevent boredom and keep your cat’s brain sharp.

Below are 5 easy ways to keep your cat healthy, happy and active.

1. Provide toys to keep your cats moving

An obvious addition to any cat’s environment is toys. Different types of balls, stuffed mice, toys with bells, and a wide assortment of toys are available at any pet store. Ping pong balls placed into a bathtub make an interactive toy because the ball will keep moving back towards the drain due to the angle of the tub.  Throw a mouse back and forth or buy a laser beam toy …your cats will go crazy following the light.


Cats are curious creatures that enjoy having places to play hide and seek. Open cardboard boxes and paper bags make safe and inexpensive toys to enrich your cat’s playground.

2. Catnip can get your cat up and about

Many cat owners use catnip to encourage their cat to play with a certain toy or just to watch their cat go crazy for a few minutes. Catnip is an herb belonging to the mint family that contains a chemical that is similar to hallucinogens. It is not harmful to cats and it usually causes a temporary ‘frisky’ response where the cat rolls in or rubs against the catnip for a few minutes. Not all cats respond to catnip, but most do.

3. Buy a climbing cat tree

Cats like to see the world from an elevated angle. They seek high places to nap and enjoy observing the world around them. It is a good idea to have some window perches available or indoor climbing trees for the cat to climb. For the older cat that is having troubles jumping to high places, you can construct a series of shelves with sturdy boxes to allow the cat to climb by jumping from box to box.  Just the act of climbing will keep your cat fit and healthy.

4. Adopt a feline friend

Having another feline companion will provide your cat with a friend to play with and keep your cat out of trouble.  Introducing a new cat or kitten to your current cat may require some time for both felines to adjust, but many cats will get along. Most cats will adapt well and will eventually enjoy one another’s company, keeping them stimulated and active.

5. You can train your cat to walk on a leash

Finally, cats can be trained to use a leash when outdoors with their owner. Although most cats do not walk down the street alongside their owners like dogs do, cats can be accustomed to having a leash on and knowing their limits. A harness attached to a leash is most commonly used.   This can take time and training but can also provide you and your cat some bonding time and great exercise.

While our cats love to nap, there are many ways to entertain your cat and keep him/her active and healthy into the older years.   

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