5 Reasons Why Your Cat Might Not be Eating
20 November, 2012

If your cat has suddenly stopped eating, it can be very distressing to you and your kitty.  If your cat has stopped eating for more than a day – especially is your cat is not finicky, there could be an underlying medical reason.  Or it could be as simple as your cat disliking his or her food.

Below are some reasons why your cat might have slowed down eating and what you can do to change this behavior.

Take your cat to the vet

It is always best to go to your Vet and have your kitty checked out if he or she has stopped eating.  When a cat stops eating, your cat’s body begins to use fat as fuel. These fat stores are sent to the liver and broken down to supply nutrients.  Unfortunately, the liver sometimes becomes overwhelmed and can’t process this fat as quickly as necessary, leading to a build up of fat in the liver, which interferes with normal liver function.

I’m not hungry!

Your vet will determine if there is an illness as simple as a cold or viral infection and treat your cat accordingly.

There are several other causes for a loss of appetite in cats

1.  Change in Environment – If you move or even change around your home, your cat could stop eating until he or she gets used to it.  Our beloved felines are creatures of habit.

2. Depression – If your cat seems listless, he or she can be bored or disinterested.  Buy some new interactive toys and try playing with your cat.  Exercise stimulates the appetite as it does in human.

3. Change in diet or if the food is bad –   Wet food can quickly go bad in the summer which will cause your cat to stop eating it.  Just be mindful that your cat’s wet food smells OK and is refrigerated properly.

4. Food preference/addiction to a particular type of food – Sometimes your cat has been so used to a particular diet that he or she refuses to eat anything else.  Therefore even a slight change can throw your cat off kilter.

5. Your cat doesn’t like his food bowl. Whiskers can be a bit of a nuisance when your cat is eating if the bowl is too narrow as they will touch the sides of the bowl causing discomfort. Therefore make sure you provide your cat with wide food and water bowls.

If your cat has stopped eating, below are some tips to help regain his or her appetite.

1.  Cats generally prefer wet food, so make sure to offer your kitty wet food with tuna or salmon.  Once you find one that your cat likes, stick with it.

2.  Try to give your cat some human food such as cooked chicken which cats generally love. This will get your cat’s appetite reinvigorated and will usually make your cat open to other food.

3.  Try hand-feeding your cat, especially if he or she is older and just needs a little help eating.  Then you can place the food in a bowl once your cat has regained his or her appetite.

If you decide to change your cat’s diet, do it slowly as cats can become accustomed to one type of food and become picky at new types. You should change your cat’s food slowly, adding a small amount of the new food and gradually increasing the quantity to the old food.

As always, consult a vet if your cat still isn’t eating after you have tried all of the above.   Good luck!

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