5 Steps for Grooming Your Cat at Home
27 November, 2012

We love our cats for so many reasons including the fact that most of our feline friends clean themselves all day long.  However, there are times when you might need to groom your cat.  If your have an outdoor cat, he or she might get mud over his fur or some older cats have trouble grooming and might need some help.

Although most of our cats don’t like to be groomed, it can be done.  It just requires a little planning and some patience.  Below are the five steps to grooming quickly and efficiently.

1. Prepare yourself and your bathroom ahead of time

First you need to prep your bathroom with a towel, pet shampoo, and a way to rinse all the shampoo off.   Fill the tub with a couple inches of water.

And now prepare yourself for grooming.  It is a good idea to wear long sleeves or a jacket while cleaning you cat.; even something to cover your face would advised.

2. Try to surprise your cat

If possible, surprise your cat. Pick up your cat as if it’s just another day and pet him or her. Get him to be a little happy and carry him towards the bathroom.  Once you get to the bathroom, close the door and you are half-way there.

3. Hold and praise your cat

Hold your cat as best you can and if you have a sliding glass door close all openings except where you are kneeling.  If your cat is really miserable, you might consider getting into the tub with him or her and closing the glass shower doors completely. Sit on the ledge and begin wetting your cat down. Be careful of the face and ears. You don’t want to get water in their eyes, ears, or nose.

4. Wash your cat as quickly a possible

Remember, the quicker that you get your cat washed, dried, and clean, the sooner it is over.  So if possible, wet your cat down, shampoo, and rinse in one motion! Having a few inches of water in the tub will not only slow your cat down but will also wet his feet, legs, belly, tail, and give you a few seconds to get his back wet. The head is last and often the hardest. Shampoo him quickly and begin rinsing by turning on the shower or faucet and quickly moving the water over his body.

Don’t expect to hold him for more than a few seconds at a time. This is when the glass doors of the shower come in handy. He may run around but he can’t get out. Rinse like crazy and then get ready for the final step – drying.

5. Dry and Drain

After you clean your cat, then drain the tub.  Your cat will not be happy, but the draining sound might soothe him or her a bit.   Reach for the towel, wrap it around your cat and carefully step out of the tub. If he squirms let him sit on the floor as you dry his fur and get most of the water off his tail, legs, and belly.

Now you’ll have a clean, freaked out cat walking around the house for a few hours. And the next and best step is praising your clean cat!  Whatever your cat’s favorite treat or toy is, give it to him or her.  Your clean cat will forgive you and this will all be a distant memory.

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