5 Tips to Stop Cat Litter From Tracking Everywhere!
9 November, 2017
stop cat form tracking litter

We love our cats and their amazing personalities!  And unlike dogs, we don’t have to take them outside every day to potty since they use their litter box. But, sometimes it’s virtually impossible to stop your cat from tracking litter everywhere around your home.  Don’t fret.  There are many ways to minimize the tracking so you don’t find litter everywhere from under your shoes to your bed!

Here are five simple solutions that work to keep litter in the litter box:

1. Location of the litter box is key

Where your box is located makes a big difference for your cat. Some cats prefer privacy, while others aren’t shy at all. Know your cat’s potty personality and put the box in a location that will appeal to your cat.  A bathroom or even far corner of your living room under a window is a great location.  Put the litter box as far away from your bedroom as you can, and you’re far less likely to find sand in your sheets when you crawl into bed at night.  Yuck!

2. Size and shape of the litter box

All cats have different preferences of the shape or type of litter box.  Corner boxes are excellent for some cats. Most cats prefer to cover up their litter by kicking towards the corner, making this a great choice to keep litter off the floor.  A hooded box will stop your enthusiastic kitty from flinging litter from the box during the big cover up.

A top-entry box is another choice (not our favorite) because some very young and senior cats may struggle with this type of box.  Some cats enjoy automated boxes while others are scared of them!

3. Litter mats and rugs really help prevent tracking

Litter mats really help! Invest in a mat designed to help keep litter contained. The mat should be large (or your cat will just jump over it, flinging litter in the process) and extend well around the litter box.  Dual structure mats are even more efficient as they allow the litter to fall between two attached mats, which helps prevent tracking and allows for easy cleanup (make sure your kitty approves).

Even a regular throw rug or piece of carpet remnant works well to trap litter bits. Deep, shaggy bathmats are also effective.

4. Reconsider your litter

Clay litters are definitely the most popular cat litter. Economical, clumping, easy to use…and (unfortunately) the most easily tracked around the house. There are plenty of effective all-natural cat litters you can choose from as well, including pine, corn, wheat or even walnut shells. Our favorite is Feline Pine which smells good and doesn’t seem to track much.

5. Be diligent about cleaning up around the litter box

Make sure to scoop the boxes at least once a day (and if you have multiple cats, probably more than once) so incorporate a quick clean up into your daily routine. In other words, tackle the litter before it has a chance to get tracked.

Keep a great cordless vacuum, like a Dyson Stick or a Shark Navigator next to the litter box. Every time you scoop, do a quick pass with the vacuum, too. You’ll be surprised what a difference that makes in keeping tracked litter at bay. Even a broom and dust pan next to the box is a great way to remove the liter immediately.

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