5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained While You’re at Work!
1 May, 2017
keep dog entertained

Guest Blog by Sandie Muncaster for ThePetGod.com

Do you work all day long and feel bad for leaving Fido at home bored and lonely? This is a dilemma many pet parents face today. However, instead of feeling sad, check out our 5 ways to keep your dog entertained while you’re at work. These could be a real “life saver.”

 1.  A Doggy Scavenger Hunt

Kids aren’t the only beings that love a scavenger hunt, your dog will, too. With your pooch out of sight, scatter some treats around the house and under pet-friendly objects. Right before you leave release your dog from the “waiting area” and let his nose do the rest. This can keep Fido busy for a while and is a nice way for him to associate you leaving with a positive instead of a negative.

 2. Puzzle Toys

There are many different types of puzzle toys on the market today that will keep a dog’s mind stimulated and his paws busy. One of my favorites is the Kong. These aren’t only durable enough to withstand those aggressive chewers, but it can be stuffed with all sorts of treats and even peanut butter for an extra time-consumer.

3. Dog Walker

 If you have the means, hire a dog walker to break up your pet’s day. Professional dog walkers offer many perks and are there just for your pooch. If you don’t know of any professional walkers, see if you can enlist the help of a friend, family member or neighbor. Retired folks are great prospects as they may be looking for a walking buddy or a furry pal to play with, but not necessarily the full responsibility of having a dog of their own.

4. A Playmate

One of the best ways to end doggy boredom is to get another furry pal. Dogs will play together and are a great source of entertainment for each other. However, when looking for a brother or sister for your canine companion, try to have a pre-introductory session before you bring the new pooch home. Compatibility among the two will be key to having happy dogs and a happy home.

5. Run ‘Em

 Tired dogs are less likely to be destructive or bored, so get up a few minutes early and take your pooch for a brisk walk, a run or play him out in the backyard or park with fetching toys.

Say Goodbye to Your Guilt

 These suggestions may seem simple enough but they can make all the difference in your dog’s mental state. Try one or give them all a go, either way, your dog will be happy you did and you can say goodbye to your guilt.

Author Bio

Sandie Muncaster has been writing for 26 plus years and loves to help educate pet parents in a fun and engaging manner. She is currently a regular contributor for ThePetGod.com when she’s not pet-parenting her three fun rescue felines.




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