6 Holiday Safety Tips For Your Pets!
13 December, 2016
holiday safety

The holidays are approaching and many pet owners like to decorate their homes.   While adding a Christmas tree or holiday lighting around the house is fun and festive, we pet owners must remember to keep an eye on pets’ safety.  Our little cats and dogs like to play around with all the new items in the house and some can be dangerous.

Below are 5 simple tips to help keep your pets safe during the holidays:

1.  Watch the Needles on the Trees

If you have a Christmas tree in your house, remember that the needles can be dangerous to your pets. If your pet chews on the tree, the needles can puncture his or her stomach lining. Keep your tree watered and clean up the needles that fall off of the tree immediately.

2.  Make sure that all holiday plants are out of reach

Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias can be toxic to your pets. If you have these in your home, place them where your dog or cat can’t reach them. It might be best to have these hanging outside on your porch or in planters where they decorate the steps if you have a very curious kitty or inquisitive dog.

3.  Watch for toys that are lying around that could be swallowed by your dogs or cats

Your furry companion deserves something special this holiday season, but some toys, even ones for cats and dogs, can be dangerous. For dogs, avoid toys that are small enough to be ingested, linear objects like strings and ribbons, and toys stuffed with beads or beans. For cats, steer clear of toys that have strings, ribbons or yarn, and take off any plastic eyes or noses on toy mice.

4.  Ornaments can be sprayed with non-toxic deterrent

Ornaments on the tree are very intriguing to dogs and cats.   Cats get curious and will smack the ornaments around. This means some that are made of glass or other fragile material could break and make a mess.

Dogs might try to carry an ornament and break it in their mouths. If you need to, try using a non-toxic spray that deters animals from checking out the ornaments on the tree. The spray tends to have some mix of alcohol and bitter additives that make items smell bad and taste worse to them.  Even though tinsel is very pretty, cats have a tendency to chew on it and swallow it. The tinsel can cause blockages and make them very ill.

5.  Tuck the wires from all lighting

Keep the wires from lights, lamps, and other decorations tucked away so your cat or dog doesn’t tug or get tangled in them. Many hardware stores sell cord covers and zip ties that can help keep the wires tucked against the wall and out of the way of pets and children.

6.  Don’t let your dogs or cats drink the water from a Christmas tree

If your cat insists on drinking water from the bottom of the Christmas tree, you may need to find a cover to prevent her from doing so. Dirty water can make your cat ill. Your dog might also think it’s a new water bowl and could knock the tree off the stand.   You can use a tree skirt and tuck it over the opening of the stand so it covers the water and prevents your pets from drinking it.

If you are having a holiday dinner, be mindful what you feed your pets.

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