6 Important Safety Reminders for Your Pets this 4th of July!
27 June, 2016

The 4th of July is a very scary day and/or night for our pets!  And sometimes the festivities go on all week!  Any pet owner knows how most dogs and cats are extremely afraid of the fireworks or any of the noises they hear outside.  The 4th of July is also a time when a lot of pets try to escape either from your house or wherever you might bring them out of fear.

Below are six important safety reminders for during the festivities for the 4th of July holiday:

1.  All pets should wear a physical identification tag.

Make sure all pets, even indoor cats, are wearing a collar with a physical id tag that includes your name and telephone number. Even if your dog or cat has a microchip, your beloved could end up miles away or deep under a neighbor’s porch. This easy precaution will save a lot of anguish, time, and energy if your cat or dog gets out of the house.  Check out Pethub which has a variety of pet id’s and even an on-line source to help find your pets if they get lost.

2. Keep your pets inside all day and night to be safe.

During neighborhood firework displays, keep all cats and dogs safely inside. Dogs and cats who are scared of noises should be put into a bathroom or other room with a secure door no windows. A screen door will not keep a nervous dog inside. It is better not take a dog to watch a large commercial firework display as it only increases the chances of him or her becoming lost in an unfamiliar area.

3.  Your pets are safer at home than an event where they can run away.

It is safer to keep your pets at home during Fourth of July celebrations instead of bringing him to your neighbor’s party. Keep your pets inside your home and not in your yard. Your pets will be a lot happier indoors, and not tempted to leap over a fence to find you.

4. Provide your pets with a ‘safe place’ for when the fireworks go off!

Dogs and cats can be startled by the loud noise of fireworks. Once the festivities begin, keep your dog or cat in a safe room where he can feel comfortable. If your dog is crate trained put your dog in his crate covered with a blanket to make him feel secure.  Make sure all your pets shave a go-to spot where they can feel secure.

5. Try to block out the scary sights and sounds

Try to block the outside sights and sounds by lowering the blinds and turning on the television. Play soothing music in the background to counteract the noise of the fireworks.  Put the air conditioning or fan on to help drown out the noise. There are also some natural calming solutions on the market that you can give to your pet (but no sedatives)!  Petfection Calming Spray is an all-natural spray that helps calm your dog in stressful situations.

6. No sparklers anywhere near your pets!

Make sure to keep all the sparklers, candles, insect coils and oil products out of reach.  If inhaled, the oils could cause aspiration pneumonia in pets and you will need to take your pet to the vet immediately. And residue from fireworks that contain potentially toxic substances, including potassium nitrate, arsenic and other heavy metals can be extremely dangerous for your pets.

July 4th is one of the most stressful days for your pets. So, keep an eye on them and if you can, it really is safest to keep your pets at home where they are the most comfortable and less likely to run away.


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