6 Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff in Cats!
10 January, 2018
get rid of cat dandruff

Dandruff is common in cats and is more noticeable during the winter months. Just like dandruff in humans, cat dandruff is made up of dead skin cells that are shed. Dandruff can be due to a skin problem, obesity (as the cat is not able to groom certain areas of the body), season changes or a dry environment.

The usual symptoms of dandruff in cats are dry, itchy and flaky skin. If you notice your cat has dandruff, there are many ways you can treat her at home and keep it from coming back.

1. Dandruff shampoo

There are special anti-dandruff shampoo designed for pets. So if the problem is really bad, then we recommend adding this to your cat’s regular bath time to help deal with the problem.  Make sure you rinse well, as excess shampoo may also cause more dandruff.

2. Take a look at your cat’s diet

All cats need a certain amount of fat in their diet to keep their fur shiny and their skin nice and supple. Make sure your cat is eating a high quality, cat food or supplement their diet with vitamins that promote a healthy skin.  Omega 3 fatty acids are efficient in keeping the skin healthy and promote the secretion of a healthy amount of skin essential oils.

3. Is your cat getting enough water?

Make sure your cat is getting enough water.  If your cat is dehydrated, his skin will show it and suffer.  Make sure the water is always fresh as cats don’t like warm or stale water.

4. Brush your cat on a daily basis

Brushing your cat on a daily basis not only makes your cat feel good and keep her fur smooth, shiny and burr-free, it also helps distribute the coat’s natural oils and massage the skin.   Make sure the brush isn’t too soft or too stiff and will aggravate the problem.   And, cats love to be brushed so this can be incorporated daily.

5. Bathe your cat

Bathing can significantly reduce the amount of dandruff the cat sheds. Cats typically don’t like water, so you may need some time to get your cat to be cooperative and take a bath. If a bath is not possible, you should use a damp cloth and wipe your cat’s skin; this should have nearly the same effect as a bath.

6. Use moisturizer

Winter and cold winds may cause dry skin and your cat may have more dandruff during the cold seasons. Get a skin moisturizer formulated for cats and this can prevent the skin from flaking. Try to look for moisturizers that contain all natural ingredients.

If you try all of the above and your cat still has dandruff, make sure to consult your veterinarian for some other ways to help combat the dandruff.

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2 thoughts on “6 Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff in Cats!”

  1. Hi Jo-Ann,

    Dandruff can sometimes cause an odor, but should not thin out your cat’s hair. It sounds like your kitty is lacking vitamins -? I would consult with your vet as this could become a bigger issue.

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