6 Ways to Stop Your Cat from Meowing All Night!
26 May, 2016

Our cats are nocturnal animals and love to sleep all day long.  Then, just as we are ready to go to sleep, they become their most active and want to play.  And it is really hard to coordinate with their schedule if they are alone all day and napping their 18 hours!

The key is to try to your cats more active during the day and right before you go to be so they don’t keep you up all night long meowing!

1. Make sure your cat has toys and stimulation during the day

 Leave toys out that are interactive or require your cat to play.  Leave a perch by the window so your cat can watch the birds and activity that will keep them awake and stimulated.  Cats love tall cat trees in strategic places around the house. Good locations include next to a secure window and around family hangouts. Look for cat trees with wide shelves and a covered box or hiding area.

2. Adopt a second kitty to keep your cat occupied during the day

 If you have only one cat at home, how about adopting a second cat who needs a home and will help tire out your lonely kitty!  If your kitty has a playmate, they will usually play all day together and then tire out at night.  A win-win!

3. Tire your kitty out with a play session before bed time

If you play with your cat right before bed time, it will tire your cat out and be more likely to fall asleep.  And with giving your cat stimulation and attention, they usually will tire out quickly and reward you by going back to sleep.  Or at least calm down and not meow all night.

4. Feed your cat before you go to bed

Right after your play session, feed your cat half his daily food and this should help him sleep. Eating will help relax your kitty and then make it less like that he will meow at night for his or her feeding.

5. If your cat meows during the night, ignore it or block it out!

If your cat wakes you up at night, the worst thing you can do is to get up and feed or play with your kitty. As soon as you get up to see what is going on with your cat, it only reinforces the bad behavior by giving your kitty attention.  Put your pillow over your head, ignore the sound and go back to sleep.  Your kitty will likely stop after a few minutes.

6. If your cat’s night meowing is sudden, take your cat the vet

Your cat might be more active at night or meowing because there is some medical issue that is bothering him or her.  Or maybe your cat is older and starting to suffer from dementia.  Either way, if the meowing behavior at night is a new behavior for your cat, make sure to take your kitty to the vet to rule out a medical issue.

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