8 Tips To Help Your Shy Cat Adjust to Your Home !
13 December, 2017
shy cat to adjust

If you have just adopted a cat that is shy or timid, it will take some time for your cat to adjust to his or her new home.  This is very common as many cats will become shy or scared when introduced to a new environment.  There are many ways to help engage your cat to help your shy cat adjust to his or her new home.

1. Let your cat adjust to your home on his or her schedule

When trying to get a new cat to acclimate to your home, let her first roam around the house and get her groundings.  If she or he wants to hide under the bed, let your cat do that.  Never force your cat to engage and let her come out when she or he is ready.

2. Make sure to have an escape route or places where they can hide from the start

Cats are skeptical and tend to look for the protection and comfort of an environment where they can sometimes fully or partially conceal themselves. As they become used to their new surroundings, they will feel comfortable enough to leave their hideaway (usually under a couch or bed) and seek love and food!

3. Food is a great way to engage your shy cat

When your kitty has become comfortable eating from his or her food dish, sit down a foot away from the dish and, after a few moments, reach over from behind and gently stroke her.  Your cat will associate your affection with the food and with the location of the food dish. Even when the food dish is removed, she will think of the location as a safe spot to receive and give affection.

4, Use toys to engage your cat or kitten to play

Feather  or string toys attached to poles are great devices to get your cat to engage and come closer to you.  Cats love ribbons, strings, and even stuffed mice.  Find what your cat takes to and use that as a way to play and get your cat to trust you.

5. Find your cats’ sweet spot shere she likes to be pet or rubbed

As you get to know your cat, you will find her favorite place to be rubbed.  Some kitties like their stomachs rubbed while others just love the side of their faces. Your cat will let you know his or her favorite and make sure to visit and rub that area frequently.

6. Only pick up your cat if she will let you

When you want to pick up your cat, do so slowly and gently.  Lift her from the middle and make sure she is comfortable with it.  If your cat doesn’t like to be held, put her down and try again in a few days.  It took me months to be able to hold my cat.

7. Never yell or punish your cat

If your cat misbehaves, do not yell at him or her.  Your kitty, out of fear, might miss the litter box or knock things over.  But, never yell or raise your voice.  Always be positive and reward your kitty for playing or eating where he or she is supposed to.  Encourage the good behavior, but never punish your cat for the bad behavior.

8. Give your cat time to adjust

You need to be patient and let your cat become comfortable on his or her own time frame.  It might take some time, effort and patience, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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