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30 May, 2012

I was with my friend, Judy, at the dog park last week watching all the other dogs play and socialize.    I love and grew up with dogs throughout my life, but at the moment, I just have a cat.  So, I have to admit, I was taken aback by all the new, innovative leashes and stylish collar designs on our dogs today.

In fact, I had to stop and ask this man about the collar (and great leash) that he had on his dog, Daisy.  It was pink and so much fun.  I introduced myself and as it turns out, the dog, Daisy, belonged to Alex Berenson, one of the company owners of the Laughing My Tail Off Leashes (and now collars).   I decided to find out more information about the collar and share it with all my Petpav members.

Take a look at Daisy with her fun and stylish collar and leash!

Design and size

First of all, these fun collars are made in ultra plush microsuede (which is why they look so comfortable on the dogs) and come in fashionable colors including hot pink and red that go with black. All of the collars match the bright, fun colors of the Laughing My Tail Off Leashes. The white top stitching around the collar gives them an edgy look so the collar really stands out.

They have an XS size which is 5/8″ wide and the length goes from 8-12 inches.  The SM is 3/4″ wide and goes from 10-16″.

Comfort and Durable

The Laughing My Tail Off collars are lightweight, durable and even machine-washable (how great is that)!   They dry almost instantly (which is great if your dog likes to run through sprinklers).  They are also really soft and seemingly comfortable on a dog’s neck.  In fact, my friend, Judy, tried them on her dog Missy (who is usually finicky and fussy) who seemed happy and adjusted immediately. She wanted to buy one right away, but they won’t be available until this summer. (She did order a Laughing My Tail off Leash in pink).

The company also plans to develop leopard prints and exciting new colors for Holiday, 2012 and Spring, 2013 for these great collars.   How fun is that!

You should definitely check out www.laughingmytailoff.com and order a leash today and a stylish collar this summer, 2012. You will love the look and your dog will love the comfort!


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