Adopt a Mutt – Don’t Buy a Hybrid Dog!
16 July, 2013

Anyone who is considering bringing a dog into their lives should not spend the money on buying a dog when they are way too many dogs without a home.  But, now, from I what I have heard and read, there is a new term called the “hybrid” dog or “designer dog”.  Shouldn’t that be left for cars?

All mutts are cute

It doesn’t make sense to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a designer mutt when it really doesn’t mean anything. The offspring of a mating between two purebred dogs of different breeds is a mongrel, a mutt. And if you have one, you should love it, train it and care for it as if it had the bluest blood no matter what the origin of the pup.

Breeds are created by humans

I am not trying to bash breeders and if someone does want a pure bred, then they should be allowed to have that choice.  But, remember that most of the breeds are ‘created’ by humans. Each breed was developed for a specific purpose – whether that original job was guarding the flock or being the ideal lap-dog. There’s no reason that development shouldn’t continue. If there is a need for a dog with particular characteristics, enterprising individuals will come forward to fill that need.  Especially if it has to do with extinction or helping an illness of some sort that a new breed might help.

However, it takes many generations to really get a true breed.   Compare yourself to your siblings. Do you all have the same looks, same personality, same interests and strengths? Most likely, you don’t.  Each of you has some of the “best” traits of your parents. But those may not be the same traits. And each of you has some of the worst.

Golden Doodle, Puggle, the Mixes are Readily Available

Two of the best-known mixed-breeds out there now are the “Golden Doodle” and the “Puggle.”  The thinking behind these crosses is fairly obvious: wouldn’t it be nice to have a Golden Retriever’s personality and willingness to please combined with the Poodle’s non-shedding coat and intelligence? Wouldn’t it be equally delightful to have a small dog without the breathing issues of a Pug, but quieter than a Beagle?

If you are considering spending the kind of money that these “hybrids” are commanding, be sure to research all of the traits of the contributing breeds. You will get a mixture of the two. And an equally adorable mixture may be waiting for you at your local shelter – the size you want, with the coat you want and the adorable face that melts your heart.  I’m guessing that all you have to do is contact a few rescue groups and you will find one.

We love dogs in all shapes and sizes.  When getting any dog, pure breed or a mutt, you don’t know what the dog will be like until you bring her or him home.  There are no guarantees at all and sometimes the more pure bred, the more vulnerable the dog is to an ailment.

So many dogs need homes.  If you really want a cross or ‘hybrid’ dog, check your shelter first to see if you can find one.

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