Adopting A Pet – There is no other choice!
27 March, 2012

If you are ready to bring a new cat or dog into your family, you really should adopt a pet! I personally can not imagine any other choice. There are so many pets out there that need a home, so PLEASE think adoption first. For those who need a little more convincing, there are so many important reasons to adopt.

There are so many pets that need homes!

If the pets that are in shelters are not adopted, the only other choice is to euthanize them. Tragically, there are three to four million dogs and cats that are euthanized each year in the United States simply because too few people adopt from shelters. Because there is limited space at shelters, staff members sometimes need to make very hard decisions to euthanize animals who haven’t been adopted.

The number of euthanized animals could be reduced dramatically if more people adopted pets instead of buying them. By adopting from a private humane society or animal shelter, you can help save the lives of two animals: the pet you choose to adopt and the space left for another homeless or abandoned dog or cat to acquire.

Thanks for adopting me!!

You can get a healthy pet!

It is a common misconception that animals end up in shelters because they’ve been abused or are troubled pets. In fact, most animals are given to shelters due to other ‘owner’ factors such as a divorce, a move or financial problems.

Animal shelters have many happy, healthy pets just waiting for someone to take them home. Most shelters examine and give vaccinations to the pets when they arrive and many spay or neuter them before being adopted. In addition to medical care, more and more shelters also screen animals for specific behaviors to make sure each family finds the right pet for its lifestyle.

You can save money

Adopting a pet is much less expensive than buying a pet at a pet store or through other sources. In addition, as mentioned above, animals from many shelters are already spayed or neutered and vaccinated, which makes the shelter’s fee very inexpensive.

You will feel better (and so will your pets!)

By adopting a pet, you will feel great about saving the life of a pet. And your new-found adoptee will give you unconditional love. Caring for a pet can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment and lessen feelings of depression and stress. Pets can also help your physical health as well. Pets aren’t just good friends, they’re also good medicine and can improve a person’s well-being in many ways.

You won’t be supporting puppy mills

Puppy mills are dog-breeding facilities that care more about making a profit than they do about the welfare of dogs. Most dogs raised in puppy mills are housed in poor conditions with improper medical care. Puppy mill puppies are sold to unsuspecting consumers in pet stores and through newspaper classified advertisements to whoever is willing to pay for them.

Many of the puppies have serious health problems that might not be apparent for months and can become very costly if they are treatable at all. Most people are not even aware that puppy mills exist, so when they buy a pet from some pet stores or other retail outlets (not all), they are supporting this cruel industry.

By adopting a pet, you can save a life and feel great about giving your new family member a place in your home. Personally, I truly believe that there really is no choice at all and I encourage everyone to adopt.

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