American Paw’s KaninoBox Travel Pack is a Must for Your Active Dog!
30 September, 2014
American Paws KaninoBox

We love our dogs like our children and want them to stay fit and live a long, active, happy life.  Most of us either run, hike or even take our dogs swimming.  And when we do so, it’s sometimes a pain to bring all the necessary treats, water and gear that we need to keep them happy and hydrated.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could find one travel pack that has all the essentials for your dog on the go? Well, American Paw’s KaninoBox Travel Box is the answer to this never-ending dilemma!

What is American Paw’s KaninoBox Travel Pack?

American Paw came up with the ingenious idea of a KaninoBox Travel Pack because they felt there was a need in the market for a go-to travel package that is ready to go when you and your dog are out and about.  The travel package, delivered to your door, is filled with the most important essentials for when you take your dog for a walk, hike or day trip.  Each pack takes care of the specific needs of your dog:  keeps them hydrated, energized, playful, clean, quenched and satisfied.

American Paws KaninoBox

American Paw’s KaninoBox Travel Pack offers only top of the line products

When choosing a travel pack, you want only the best products for your pups.  Well, American Paw’s KaninoBox Travel Pack offers only the top of the line products.  Each travel pack is also supplemented with samples and surprises.  The on-the-go travel pack offers healthy, safe and fun products at a discounted rate.  And you can always order a new pack when you run out of the products or visit their on-line store for refills on specific items.

American Paw’s KaninoBox Travel Pack fulfills the most important issues for you and your pet on the go:

1. Fuel for your pups

The KaninoBox Travel Pack offers TurboPup bars, conveniently size for travel that gives your pups the needed energy for hiking, walking, biking or traveling.  Each bar is grain-free, all natural, with chia seeds and human grade ingredients.  It is safe for even the most sensitive dog and exceeds AAFCO standards.  They even offer a new vegan option, which they call the PowerBark Vegan Power Bar…how great is that!

2. Excellent Treat for your pups

The KaninoBox Travel Pack offers excellent treats that are healthy chews and made with only the finest top-quality ingredients. When you are training your dog or just out with them on a hike or walk, treats are the best way to reward them for good behavior. 

3.  Provides YOU with comfort and ease

The KaninoBox Travel Pack also come with an over-the-shoulder sling bag made with durable, top grade polyester, a zipper main compartment and a padded shoulder strap with an accessory pocket.  It’s comfortable, functional and light.  It allows you to also hold a leash at the same time with ease!


The comfortable over-the shoulder bag

4. Keeps your pups hydrated

The KaninoBox Travel Pack also includes the top-of-the market Troff Pouch that is the best solution for a thirsty dog.  The state-of-the art pouch is easy to use with a twist off top, non-spill valve and can be folded and put away for further use.  No need to bring bowls along with you!

5. Keeps your dogs’ clean

The KaninoBox Travel Pack also includes an item that will help you keep your dog clean and fresh.  When you are out on a walk or hike, your dog will get filled with dirt or bacteria that can cause health issues.  Keeping your dogs’ clean is essential to maintain their health (and an odor-free car on the ride home).

6. Keeps your dogs’ entertained

The KaninoBox Travel Pack also includes a play-item to keep your pup entertained.  The item they choose is a top-quality fun, safe play toy that is always handy for when you want to enjoy some play time with your dog.

American Paw’s Mission

American Paw strives to maintain the best relationships with dogs and their owners.  They provide excellent customer service and only want the best products for you and your dogs.  A happy dog is a happy dog parent.   American Paw also gives back part of their proceeds to homeless or disadvantaged animals.  Great people, happy dogs, excellent service! What more can you ask!?

Make sure to purchase the American Paw KaninoBox Travel Pack for your dog.  It is the best assembled travel pack on the market.  You and your dog will be happy you did!  You can find them it at and for item refills:


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