BALDY-5- in-One-Leash from HUND Denmark is An Awesome Multi-functional leash!
20 October, 2016
multi-functional leash

Every dog owner knows the importance of taking our dogs on their daily walks or even to the dog park.  And, of course, you need to find just the right leash that is both comfortable for you and your dog on all your daily outings!  With so many choices, where do you even start?  Well, the choice is easy.  HUND Denmark makes an awesome 5-in-one multi-functional leash that will fit you and your dogs’ every walking or training need.

What is the Baldy 5- in-one multi-functional leash?

The Baldy 5-in-one leash is a fabulous leash that can be adjusted to either 4’, 5’ or 6’ in length!  It also works as a cross body leash AND can even work with two dogs!  The leash is ideal for when you are walking your dog, taking your dog to the park or even the grocery store.  Multi-tasking is easy as this leash allows you to walk your dog and push a baby stroller or even make phone calls when you are out with your dog as it can be hands free.

See how the leash work:



The benefits of the Baldy 5-in-one multi-functional leash

There are many benefits in using this awesome multi-functional leash.   It’s great for dogs that pull because you can adjust the leash to your dog’s needs to suit his reach and your preference.  Which, makes it of course, great for training.  And not to worry!  This leash is not retractable and will give your dog plenty of freedom while you walk or run with your pup for optimal control and safety.  You can adjust the leash to walking length or at a closer hold when you do errands and want your dog on a tighter leash.

The leash is made from soft eco-friendly leather and nylon – soft and durable!

The leash is durable and strong, even for the most aggressive of dogs made with nylon rope for extra strength. And, of course you will love the velvety soft luxury Italian leather that looks great on your dog and is soft on your hands.  And even better, the leather is eco –friendly and all the natural color is derived from plants!   You and your pup will love the look and feel of this fabulous.

The leash comes in different sizes and colors to meet the needs of you and your dog!

The multi-functional leash is available in four widths depending on the size of your dog and your preference.  The recommended size for very small to small dogs is 1/4″ to 1/3″ while medium dogs should use 1/3″ to 2/5″ and large dogs a 1/2″ thickness.   The leash also comes in the following colors: cream, light brown, dark brown, red, blue, red, pink and black!

Hund Denmark also offers a fabulous Baldy- No Hair Matting collar!

The Baldy no-hair matting collar is specifically designed to prevent pulling on your dog’s fur.  The collar also comes in soft, eco-friendly leather and is padded inside for additional comfort for your dog.  There is no stitching and edging on the round part of the collar which will help prevent rubbing or pulling your dog’s fur.   It really is the no-matting hair collar for a reason!

There are so many reasons to buy the 5-in-1 multi-functional leash and/or Baldy collar for your dog.  You and your dog will love the versatility, look and comfort for both of you. Go to: HUND Denmark and buy a new leash and collar for your dog today!  You and your dog will be happy you did!

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