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9 March, 2018
artist behind the art

We love our pets like our children and take endless photos of them.  And, who doesn’t love looking through photos or videos of our pets on a daily basis.  But, wouldn’t it be nice to have a beautiful, vibrant piece of art that you can hang in your home that captures that special moment of your pet?  Well, Beccavision portraits does just that and more.

Rebecca Fischer of captures the love of your pet isn’t just art, it’s a portrait of love and affection. Rebecca Fischer, artist and owner, creates every piece from the heart and because we all love our pets.  Becca includes a heart in every piece!  Some hearts are hidden, some are easy to find.   Her whimsical style captures the spirit of each pet. “I draw the eyes first for the “Wow it looks just like my pet response”.  Boy pets get green or blue noses and girls get pink or purple noses” says Becca.  Rebecca has a way of capturing the unique personality of each pet, always eliciting a “wow…that looks just like my pet”.

 Obi side by side portraits are a unique piece of fine art

Becca’s art medium and style are truly unique.  Becca creates her art with a mixed media process.  Art is drawn in fine art marker on paper.  Becca says, “Using art marker allows me to get vivid bright colors.  Because art marker is a dye and I don’t want your art piece to fade, I have it printed onto canvas. The art wraps around the sides and comes ready to hang.  After the printing process, I use poster paints on the canvas to make your portrait archival and last forever.  If your pet has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, her portraits memorialize and capture the spirit of your beloved in a way that will bring you smiles. pet portraits are a great gift to that pet owner who has everything

We all have those pet-loving friends who we just can’t figure out what to buy for their birthday or holiday.  What better gift than a portrait of their pet that they can proudly hang in their home.  And you can bet that this will be the most unique gift they ever received! As seen of TV:

Marla pet selfie

How does work?

It’s So Easy! Email your favorite pet photo directly to [email protected]  Usually a close up of the head and the neck works best. “If I can see the eyes clearly, it makes for the best portraits” says Becca. Once she receives your photo or 2, she will let you know if it is clear enough to work with.  If you want 2 or more pets in an art piece, she does not charge extra as long as the photo has the pets together.  You can request your background color or design, such as flowers, beach scene or just solid.  Her art is so colorful it will match any color scheme in your home but if you have certain colors you want, she can accommodate almost any request.

About Rebecca Fischer 

Rebecca Fischer is a New York native currently living in Oceanside, California. Her career started as a hobby as she enjoys freelance drawing in art marker. Her colorful, affordable art is influenced by her own whimsical look at life. At the early age of 29, Rebecca survived cancer just after giving birth to her daughter.  As a result, her love of animals, view of life, and all things about it are shared through her bright colors and playful images.

Customer Testimonials

Rebecca did an awesome job on the artwork of Kaidance, my boss/Veterinarian’s dog, who we had to say goodbye to in November. Rebecca was great to work with. She finished the work and it was delivered on time.”   Darcie

We just received 3 pet portraits from Beccavision. They are so fantastic. We just love them and Rebecca did such a great job capturing not just their looks, but their beautiful spirits. We’re so excited to hang them. Thanks Rebecca! So great.” Jackie

If you are looking for that unique, vibrant portrait of your pet, Rebecca Fischer of is the way to go.  You will love her work as much as she loves painting your pet.  You can email her at:  [email protected] and make sure to take a look at all her work of her site:!

Follow on facebook and see a new art piece every day!  Share with your pet loving friends and family and give the hint that you want a pet portrait hanging in your home for your next gift!

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