Bengal Cats – Beautiful and Smart
5 December, 2011

There are so many different cat breeds and personalities.  As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, my Sammy is an orange tabby and has the looks and personality to go with the tabby breed.

A friend of mine has a Bengal cat and he, Tiger, is beautiful.  He is also very different from Sammy.  I know all cats are different, but I thought I would look up the Bengal cat breed and do some research to find out more about them.


The Bengal cat is one of the most charming and stunning cat breeds.  They are extremely intelligent and can be very demanding if they don’t get what they want. They are also very vocal and can impersonate what you do. They are very loving and playful. Bengals are not meant for every cat owner, so research thoroughly before attempting to bring one into your own home.

Bengal cats are very active, vocal, intelligent, alert and agile. They’ll watch humans do certain things and then copy them. It’s not unusual for these clever cats to learn how to open doors (even though my tabby does too), cupboards and windows.  They love water and some enjoy playing in water dishes, bathtubs and paddling pools. They also enjoy being taken for walks on a leash, once they’ve got used to it. (This I would like to see!)

I’m pretty and smart!


The Bengal cats are beautiful with their wildcat markings, huge oval eyes and agile, muscular bodies. They come in various colors and may have tabby –like markings.


Bengal cats thrive with a lively family, the more stimulation, the better. They’re also compatible with other pets, including dogs. They are very vocal so if frequent meowing drives you crazy then they’re probably not the best breed for you. They do well in lively, energetic environments where there are a lot of different activities going on throughout the day.

These cats are not suitable for everyone. They need a lot of attention and stimulation from their owners. They are better with experienced cat owners who are prepared to play with them every day.


The breed was created in Japan in the 1940s by crossing the wild Asian Leopard cat with a domestic cat. The Bengal cat didn’t appear in America until the 1970s.

Most Bengals have a very athletic, muscular form. They have the look of a wild cat, with different markings then you’ve probably seen on other cats. Their coats are either leopard printed or marbled. Most have the mascara look around the eyes.

As I mentioned, each cat is different, but the Bengal, for the most part, is beautiful, needy and vocal cat.

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