How Did Black Cats Become Associated With Bad Luck?
26 October, 2017
black cats

So many of us have our superstitious beliefs that we just stand by without real reason.  As with most  superstitions, there isn’t really a good legitimate reason why they exist.  But, our poor, beautiful black cats.  How did they get associated with bad luck?

The rumors that black cats are bad luck dates back to the Middle Ages

Most historians trace superstitions about black cats back to Europe in the Middle Ages. At that time, some older women were accused of witchcraft and practicing black magic. Many of these women had cats as companions, so they became guilty by association.  Pope Gregory IX called cats the incarnation of Satan!

Black cats got a bad rap because they were associated with witchcraft!

With all the witchcraft rumors that were spread around Europe in the sixteenth century, cats (particularly black ones) found themselves included in them just because many presumed witches had taken in alley cats as companions.  And the belief that witches could turn themselves into their (typically black) cat companions became a persistent one, even carrying over to America, where it part of the Salem Witch trials.

Black cats were known to be avoided by laborers as far back as the 17th century.

Black cats were noted for being connected to witches and other agents of evil followed them for centuries. Records from as late as the 17th century describe laborers in dangerous professions (such as miners) encountering a black cat on their way to work and returning home frightened. The sight of a black cat was enough to convince them to stop working.

As black cats crossed their paths, they thought it would cause serious back luck

I’m sure you’ve heard of the superstition regarding a black cat crossing your path? That is derived from European folklore claiming that a black cat crossing one’s path, by moonlight, often signified death by epidemic. Silly? I think so! More than likely, a black cat crossing your path simply means the cat is going somewhere!

This ridiculous and unfounded myth has persisted enough to keep black cats from being adopted as much as their buddies. (As much as 50 percent less!) So armed with your new knowledge, adopt away and rest easy knowing you’re doing your part to combat years of nonsense superstition.

Black cats are honored in some forward thinking places in the world!

And here’s the good news!  There are some places in the world where black cats are honored. Many people in Scotland, Great Britain, Japan, and Russia view black cats as signs of good luck and prosperity!

The next time a black cat crosses your path, be excited.  Because all sorts of good luck will be coming your way.

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