Breathe Free Litter Box System™ is the Best Litter Box on the Market!
25 August, 2015
breathe Free

There are so many great reasons to own a cat as they are sweet, cuddly and excellent companions.  However, as any cat owner knows, the worst part of owning a cat is when you have that horrible litter box smell! And cleaning up the litter box is no fun at all when you have to do it on a daily basis!  Well, your cat litter box worries are over when you switch your cat over to the revolutionary Breathe Free Litter Box System™.   

The Breathe Free Litter box System™ will keep your home odor free for 30 days!

If you have ever bought other cat litter products that don’t work quite right and you can’t get the cat box smell or urine odor out of the house, then it’s time to try The Breathe Free Litter Box System™. The BreatheFree Litter Box System™ with the BreatheFree Litter Box Mate™ pads is a new revolutionary litter box system that is guaranteed to eliminate litter box odor for 30 days!  They 100% guarantee it.  It is the only system that absorbs all cat urine and fecal odor as well as destroy all bacteria growth to help eliminate odor and keep your box clean.

A New Hampshire news station picked up the The Breathe Free Litter Box System™ to showcase because they were so impressed by it!




The Breathe Free Litter Box System™ can save you money

The BreatheFree Litter Box System™ is revolutionary as it allows you to use any inexpensive non-scented clumping cat litter and still keeps your litter box from smelling.  You don’t need to use   pine pellets, crystals, fancy chemicals or expensive gimmicks to mask the smell.  In fact, in discussions with numerous veterinarians, they found that all of these additives are not there for your cat, but for you, the owner.  And cats do not like foreign substances in their litter which is a THE NUMBER ONE reason cats do not use their litter box and can cause “inappropriate elimination.”

The Breathe Free Litter Box System™ has unique pads that keep the odors absorbed

The beauty of theBreathe Free Litter Box Mate™ pads are that they are filled with an inert organic mineral from Mother Nature that work to absorb moisture and selective gases, such as ammonia. It is safe and gentle to use to neutralize and eliminate harmful levels of ammonia and other odors in the litter box. 

Simply removing clumps from your cat’s litter box does not clean it. The bacteria left behind after scooping is still in the litter box.  This new product is the only solution that eliminates urine odor, fecal odor and bacteria growth. 

breathe Free


The Breathe Free Litter Box System™ is loved by so many cat owners  

The Breathe Free Litter Box System has become so popular that they sold over 500 units in two weeks and are having a 90% reorder rate for pads!

AND here are just some of the fantastic testimonials from cat owners:

Last month I purchased the litterbox kit and tested it at my daughter’s house.  She has 3 male cats and the litter box is in the main part of the house since she has one floor and no basement.  It has worked so well… no odor at all.  I’m now purchasing one for my house as well.  I have 2 cats.   Thank you for such a great product”.

Sue, Salisby NH

“I attended a cat show in Concord, NH last weekend and came across this product. I was skeptical at first because here was another product promising to eliminate odors, but since I recently moved to a very small apartment with multiple cats I thought I might as well try it out since nothing I had tried up to that point had worked as promised. I LOVE this product!!! Finally, I have found something that works and a product that does what it claims to do – no odor!!! I scoop 1 to 2 times a day. In the beginning I wanted to see how good this was, so I waited 2 days to scoop and there was still no odor! You would never know I had cats.  Thank you for such a wonderful product. I will recommend it to all my cat guardians!


“Loved this product!!! Made all the difference in the world! I already bought the buy 6 get 7 so I could share with my son. Thank you!”

Renae Willis

The Breathe Free Litter Box System™ works which is why it comes with a 100% money back GUARANTEE.  Now that is not something we cat owners hear every day!  Make sure to buy a Breathe Free Litter Box System™ for your cat(s) today.  You will love the fact that you clean the litter box less often, save money and won’t smell anything for 30 days!  See why all the cat owners are raving about it.   You can find it at!


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