BULLIBONES – The Best Dog Chews on the Market – Flavorful, Durable & Easy on Your Pup’s Teeth!
24 February, 2015

We love our dogs like our children and always want the best for them: the right food, the most comfy bed and the best, safest toys.  And what dog doesn’t love a great, long lasting chew bone that they can munch on all day long.  Yet, with so many chew bones on the market, how can you choose the best one?  If you are looking for chew bones that last a long time, comes in three different flavors and are safe for your dog, than BULLIBONES are your answer!


BULLIBONES are these awesome new, flavorful chew bones that are made of nylon which makes them durable and safe.  Most nylon bones are boring for your pup because they don’t have any flavor.  Or even some of the other flavored nylon chew bones have a sprayed on coating that wears off after the first few bites so your dog is ready for his next chew bone the next day.  BULLIBONES are nylon AND flavored all the way through so your pup will never get bored of it.


BULLIBONES has a unique paw shaped grip

BULLIBONES are catered precisely to your dogs’ needs as they are shaped with an EASY-HOLD paw pad so your best bud can hang on and enjoy them for hours!   They also come in both small and large so you can find the right fit for your pup which is great for both big and small dogs. 

BULLIBONES are durable and safe

BULLIBONES are 100 % safe for your dog and you don’t have to worry about your pup swallowing pieces of bone.  Veterinarians are not fans of the rawhide chew bones as they are hard on your pup’s teeth and can be dangerous.  You don’t have to worry about that with BULLIBONES.  

BULLIBONES can improve your dog’s dental health

BULLIBONES can improve your dog’s dental hygiene as they help reduce plaque and tartar while improving your dog’s breath.  By chewing on the bones daily, BULLIBONES can help maintain your dogs’ gums which will improve his or her overall dental hygiene.


BULLIBONES comes in three different flavor

Your pup will never get sick of BULLIBONES as they come in three different flavors: beef, peanut butter and bacon. What dog doesn’t love all those three flavors to munch on all day long!  Or if you have a finicky pup, your dog will like at least one of these awesome flavors that permeate the entire chew stick!  Shake it up, try all three flavors and your pup will feel like he’s getting a new bone each time.

Here are what some customers are saying about BULLIBONEs:

When I saw this in the package, I immediately thought that my dog would snap it in two. But it really is quite durable and she does use the paw grasps to hold on to it. Great product with an even better price!

The unique shape of it keeps my dog extra busy! It lasts a good amount of time. Product came exactly as described.

The BULLIBONE was a big hit. My dogs won’t touch the other Nylabones at all. They are still laying on the floor where after sniffing them they left them.

There are so many reasons to buy BULLIBONES for your pup:  they are long lasting, flavorful, vet recommended and come in a variety of flavors.  Buy a BULLIBONE for you dog today. You and your pup will be happy you did.  You can find them at http://www.bullibone.com or by the leading retailers:  AMAZON,com, LOWES Food Stores, PET FOOD Centers and Woodman’s Food Stores.


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