Can Cats Eat Cottage Cheese or Other Dairy Products?
30 January, 2018
cat eat cottage cheese

A lot of us love cottage cheese and other dairy products.  And cottage cheese is low in fat, has a lot of protein and is high in calcium which we need.  As we love to treat our cats to food we eat, is it safe for cats to eat cottage cheese or other dairy products?

Kittens need milk to thrive but not our cow milk

For kittens, milk is an absolute must, as our little furry friends can get lots of needed protein and other nutrients in milk. It is not a good idea to give your kitten cow’s milk as it can cause an upset stomach. Kittens will benefit the most from drinking their mother’s milk when they have that option.

Many cats are lactose intolerant making milk and dairy hard to digest

Although milk is not toxic to cats, it may have adverse effects. Adult cats, in general, if fed a nutritious diet don’t need milk.  Many cats are lactose-intolerant, which means that the lactose in milk and dairy products produces stomach upset, cramps, and gas.

Can cats eat cottage cheese?

As mentioned above, cats don’t need milk and cottage cheese has a lot of milk in it.  If your cat is lactose intolerant, than he or she will get the side effects such as an upset stomach, diarrhea, and a gassy stomach.  If your cat just won’t stop begging for cottage cheese, you can always try a little and see if your cat has any of the side effects.  I had a cat who loved cottage cheese and tolerated it just fine, but it was a tiny amount and only occasionally.

Milk can also dehydrate a cat so stick to water

Even though cats can get water from milk, it is much better to give your cat water rather than milk. Water helps the cat lose weight, easily digest food, as well as maintain a normal body temperature. And there are no potential side effects and cats need it to keep hydrated and for healthy kidneys.

It’s always better not to feed your cats’ cottage cheese

The bottom line is that your cat doesn’t need cottage cheese, so why add it?  You can always try a little yogurt, which is an excellent source of calcium and most cats are tolerant to it due to the amount of good bacteria.  If you really want to give your cat any dairy product, the more fat a product contains, the less the amount of lactose in it.

There is also a product called CatSip that is made from skim milk with an enzyme added that helps the digestion of lactose.  But, then again, less is more!

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