Why Is Your Cat Suddenly Peeing on Your Bed?
23 April, 2018
cat peeing on bed

If your cat has never had urinary issues before and then suddenly pees on your bed one day, there is probably no reason to be concerned (although annoying).  However, if your cat pees on the bed or sofa more than once, you should take your cat to the vet.  Many serious medical conditions can make cats avoid using the litter box from kidney issues to urinary tract infections.

If your vet has ruled out a medical issue, there are many reasons why your cat might be peeing on the bed or sofa.

1. Your cat is peeing on the bed because of litter box issues

Your cat might suddenly start to pee on the bed due to something as simple as a change in the litter box.  Are you cleaning the box at least once a day and thoroughly? Have you changed the litter?  Moved the box?

It could be that your kitty who is now a cat simply outgrew the box (it’s too small) or doesn’t feel like sharing it with another cat.  The litter box rule of thumb is one box per cat. The locations make a difference too. Place the boxes in areas with good views where it would be challenging for other household dogs or cats to trap them.  Avoid places such as closets, cabinets, and small rooms.

The box itself makes a difference as well.  Some cats prefer uncovered litter boxes and feel trapped in covered litter boxes.  And open box might seem messy but some cats prefer it.

2. Your cat might feel more secure on a bed and decides to pee there

Sofas, beds and chairs have surfaces that are higher than the floor and have good views. The elevation is perfect for kitties to identify and escape potential threats and stressors. Sometimes, your cat peeing on the bed or the couch means these places feel safer than his litter box.  Maybe an open box will help this issue.  Or think of anything in your home or your cat’s environment that has changed that might cause stress for your cat.

3. Inappropriate urination might signal relationship issues with other household pets

Mild as well as serious disputes with the other dogs and cats can cause cats to urinate on elevated surfaces.  Squabbles over status, territory and resources can occur when other new pets are introduced too quickly into the household.  Even dogs or other cats can be a source of stress when they chase or play too rough. The end result is often the same, a nervous cat peeing on the bed, couch or other areas with good views that she can quickly vacate.

If you think this is the case, try to add more cat trees, shelves and other tall pieces of furniture that the cats can go to in refuge to feel safe to climb when feeling threatened (rather than peeing!)

4. Separation anxiety can cause a kitty to pee on the couch or bed

Sensitive cats can become anxious when their favorite person is away from them for an extended period of time. These cats might respond to the absence by peeing on the bed or the couch that is saturated with their human’s scent. They’re mingling their own scents with that of their beloved.  Before leaving, place articles of clothing that have your scent on them to make them feel more secure.

When cats urinate on elevated surfaces, they are sending a clear message that there is a potentially serious problem.  Try to identify the reasons for the behavior and address it (and never punish your cat!)

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