Cats and Computers…Not A Safe Combination
5 December, 2011

I am sure I am not the only one whose cat sits in front of the computer.  While I work, Sammy, my cat, sometimes sits next to me.  Or better yet, takes my seat when I get up.  I have also seen other little cats, sitting on top of a laptop as they love the warmth that they generate.

While this is a really cute picture and we enjoy having our cats next to us while we work, it isn’t great for our computers.  More importantly, it is also not safe for our cats.  I almost had my laptop stop functioning because the keyboard was so filled with cat hair!

To keep our computers and cats safe, there are those times when we must set limits to the areas where our cats are allowed.  Or simply, make sure that you provide preventatives to the hard drive and cords.

Here are a few suggestions that may help you keep your cats (and computers) safe.


A safe and inexpensive way to discourage cats from chewing wires, cords and cables is to spray these items with a commercial, non –toxic cat repellent. You can also make your own using a spicy sauce mixed with water. I have had success spraying my computer cords with a non-toxic, cinnamon scented spray/deodorizer (and smells great too)!.  However, before you spray, make sure to unplug these items before you spray them.  You should also use dust-covers on your equipment.

This is sooo comfy!

I also spray my keyboard daily with a “Dust Destroyer”.  It gets in between the keys and blows out all the cat hair and dust.  It is a lifesaver!


Make sure that all your wires, cables and cords are carefully secured under your desk. You can purchase plastic conduits to wrap around these wires.  This helps prevent serious accidents and keeps your cat safe from being electrocuted.


Turn off all your computer equipment off before leaving the room. This keeps your equipment cool and far less inviting to cats. Be sure that all CD and DVD-ROM drawers are closed.


Provide an enticing distraction. Try setting up a scratching post or a comfy pillow close to where you work.  This can offer your cat the opportunity to be near you, but not sitting on your lap or wandering all over your keyboard.


As we all know, cat or no cat, you should always save your work.  I have lost documents when I have left the room and Sammy accidently deleted them.

Hope these tips help keep you and your cat safe!

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