Why Cats Love to Sleep On You!
10 May, 2017

Any cat lover knows that our cats purr when they are content, meow when they want us to know something and knead to release energy.  Every cat is different in how they act and react to us, but the majority of cats like to sleep with or on top of us.  Since we can’t ask them why they sleep there, there are some theories as to why cats love to sleep on us.

Cats love to rest or nap in warm places

Our cats love to take in the rays and sleep in the warmest place of the house.  And when we sleep or even nap, our body temperatures rise.  And, that’s why our felines snuggle up to us so they can feel our body warmth.  Some cats will seek out our heads, others in between our legs or just right next to you.

Sleeping next to you or near you makes your cat feel secure

When your cat is in search of a place to sleep, he not only wants comfort and warmth, he also wants a place that is secure—and that place is YOU! No dangerous predators are around when his master is there, so kitty dreams come easily for your cat when he has nothing to fear.

Your cat simply loves you and wants to be near you

When I sit in a certain chair, my little angel will sprint over, position herself next to me and start snuggling. She knows this is a time when she can be right next to me and get all my attention.  And when she looks at me with adoring eyes, how else am I supposed to interpret this action?!    Same goes for sleeping.  Your cat just wants to be by you all night long even it’s merely on the corner of your bed because she loves you!

Our cats love our sounds and our scents!

You know how cats love to snuggle on top of your clothes even if they’re dirty?   Sleeping near or on you is the closest they can get to smelling us.  And, the natural breathing sound as we sleep give our kitties comfort.  This is a little bit of heaven for them and us!

Cats like consistency and routine

Your kitty knows that you will sleep through the night and that he or she has the option of lounging where he wants to.  Maybe on top your head is his or her favorite spots.  Being routine creatures, they usually decide that this is the place they like the most and will stay there sleeping on or next to you.

Cats might just release pheromones as they sleep next to us

Just as cats release energy and pheromones when they purr or knead, sleeping next to us is thought to create the same release.  After all, between the warmth, the security and our familiar scent, they are in sensory overload!

Where does your cat like to sleep – on your head, between your legs or maybe in her own bed?!

2 thoughts on “Why Cats Love to Sleep On You!”

  1. 2 of my 3 kitties, Gizzy & Thori, either sleep on me or by my side, they´re always looking for body contact with mummy, although all 3 kitties´re no lap cats, and sometims Sisi joins too at night, lays down on my right hip while I´l lying on my left side – you can imagine that mummy may not make a single move anymore then haha, but – which doesn´t happen often – if all 3 kitties decide to sleep outside my bed I´m worried if something might be wrong with them, even though I know cats sometimes love to change the sleeping places!!! But I can´t understand those cat owners who pretend they love their cats, but never let them sleep on their bed at night, cats love to do this and want to be close to us, so not letting them do this´s like a sentence for them, and they won´t understand why they may not join you at night…

    1. I agree. I love it when my kitty Potato sleeps in our bed. She is starting to go between my legs more and more, especially when I work on the laptop in bed. I feel bad when I have to move lol 😀

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