Your Cat’s Tail Positions and What They Mean!
2 June, 2017
cats tail position

There is nothing cuter than your cat prancing along wagging his or her long tail out and about.  Your cats furry tail isn’t just an extension of your cat’s body.  Their tails help keep them balanced. Tails are also a really good indicator of mood; the different tail positions are a way that our cats communicate with us.

And what does each tail position mean?  Glad you asked:

Tail held high while walking

A confident cat will hold her or her tail high up in the air while walking around. A tail that sticks up like a flagpole is a sign of a happy mood or a friendly greeting. You’ll often see a cat doing this as he approaches a welcoming person (which might only be you).  If your kitty twitches the top of his tail while approaching you…that is true love!

Tail bent like a question mark

A tail that’s bent like a question mark is usually an indication that kitty is in a playful mood! Time to get the toys out and play with your kitty!

Tail straight down or hanging low

If your cat carries his tail straight down, parallel to his legs, this might indicate an aggressive mood, so use caution! And for some reason certain breeds like Persians, Exotics, and Scottish Folds normally carry their tails this way.

Tail tucked and curled under

Your cat has her tail tucked and curled under her body, that’s a sign of fear or submission. She is likely scared or nervous.

Tail puffed up

When cats are severely agitated and scared, they will puff up their tails to appear larger (like a pipe cleaner) and to ward off danger. This is usually accompanied by a hiss and your cat is being  his predatory selves!

Tail whipping back and forth quickly

If you see your cat whipping his or her tail back and forth quickly and forcefully, that’s a sign of aggression. Be careful when approaching.

The tail swish

If you see your cat swishing her tail slowly from side to side, that usually means she’s focused on prey.  They are ready to pounce hopefully not on you, but a toy!  Or even a piece of food!

Tail wrapped around another cat

A tail wrapped around another cat is like you putting your arm around another person. It conveys friendship and comfort.

So, there you have it –a few helpful hints about your cats’ long tail!  But, how do you know if your cat loves you?  Read here to find out!

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