Why Cats Do the Zoomies After Pooping!
13 October, 2017
zoomies after pooping

We all know how our cats exhibit strange and unique behaviors from head butting to shoe rubbing.  Some cats even have the peculiar but common quirk of doing the zoomies after using the litter box!  Apparently there are a few theories as to why our cats get crazy after pooping – after all it has a name “poo-phoria!”

Some cats do a little crazy dance after pooping as it relates to their ancestry

Some behaviorists think that the craziness relates to the days when cats were wild and life was a bit harder than it is now for the average house cat. The wild cats chose to defecate far from their where they hung out so they wouldn’t give away their position to potential predators or territorial competitors.

They would do their business quickly, cover it up and sprint back. But they wouldn’t run in a straight line, in case they were being followed. Instead, they would take an erratic track.

Today’s domesticated kitties do the same thing, probably not understanding why, but following that instinct from their ancestors. It might also explain why outdoor cats prefer their neighbors’ yards over their own.

Some cats are just happy they got the poop out of their system!

While there’s little scientific research on the matter, common consensus seems to be that, most likely, cats just feel really great after letting go and pooping. Some animal behaviorists feel that these cats may be exhibiting responses similar to humans, whose vagus nerve can be stimulated by the act of defecation, often resulting in “feelings of exhilaration!”  Cats are the same.

Maybe cats just hate the smell of their poop

Another theory is that some cats can’t stand the smell of its own poop. The cat does its doodie and then runs away from the smell, also hoping that the rush of air through its fur will remove any traces of stink.  This seems a bit far-fetched, because sure their poop smells yucky and our cats do bury it, but most cats really seem to enjoy tearing through the house too much for it to just be an escape.  It’s a fun crazy not a scared one (like after cat-nip).

If your cat has never done this before and it seems startling, it could be a medical issue

If your cat has never done this before and suddenly starts, there might be something less fun going on, especially if the cat stops using the litter box for poop. Cats are all about cause-and-effect. If they use the litter box and experience pain, they then blame the litter box.

If this is the case, your cat could be experiencing pain and you should call your veterinarian. But in most cases, your cat is fine and just enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Some humans do too, after all!

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