Cleaning Your Dogs Fur
12 September, 2011

I was walking my friend’s dog last week and noticed that his fur was dirty and had either a food or a pen stain on it. My friend was going to take her dog, Jojo, to the groomer and I thought that there must be an easy way to do it a home.

I really wasn’t sure how to do it, since I am a cat owner and one of the huge benefits of owning a cat is they groom themselves. My Sammy is always clean (and that is due to his cleaning himself). Point being, I had no idea how to clean a dog’s fur.

I decided to surprise my friend and did some research to see how I could clean her dog. It was actually pretty easy and Jojo had a fun time being cleaned. He didn’t resist it at all.

Below are the eight steps to cleaning your dog’s fur. It is easy and quick and you will love the end result.

1. Fill a bucket with warm water. Make sure that the water isn’t too hot that it burns your skin or that of your dog.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of dish soap to the water and mix well.

3. Take a sponge and dip it into a bucket of soapy water. (If you can get your dog into a bucket, even better.. but not required!)

This is fun!!!

4. Hold the stained fur in your hand or at least try to.

5. Scrub the ink or dirt from your dog’s fur with the sponge. Scrub for several minutes, taking care not to scour your dog’s skin.

6. Rinse the soap from your dog’s fur with lukewarm to cool water.

7. Repeat this process if the stain remains but appears to have faded only a little bit. You might have to do this several times.

8. If the stain does not seem to be fading at all, you can apply rubbing alcohol to your dog’s fur. Scrub lightly with the rubbing alcohol as you would with soap and water. Be sure to thoroughly clean away the rubbing alcohol with soap and water when you are finished.

Pretty, easy, right? And, when I brought Jojo home to my friend, she was thrilled to have him returned so clean and wanted to know my ‘recipe’ for success. So, I decided to share it with everyone. For once, this is something, you CAN try at home!

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