How to Cure Mange Without Toxic Chemicals
1 February, 2018
cure mange naturally

Mange is an inflammatory skin disease caused by microscopic mites that have infested a dog’s skin. Because the parasites multiply quickly, mange can almost appear out of nowhere. Symptoms vary but commonly include discomfort, extreme itching, hair loss, rashes, lesions, irritation, infection and more.

There are three different kinds of mange:

Demodectic mange is the most common type. Also known as Demodex, red mange or puppy mange, it is the only non-contagious type of mange. It is very often misdiagnosed as allergic dermatitis. The underlying cause is immune health and if it gets out of control it can cause serious illness.

Sarcoptic mange, or scabies, is picked up when the dog is in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is easily transmitted and highly contagious to humans and most other animals.

Cheyletiella, also called cheyletiellosis or walking dandruff, lives in the top layer of skin. It’s also highly contagious to humans and other animals.

Mange won’t go away if you ignore it

Mange should always be treated right away. Left untreated, all varieties of mange are progressive. An infestation can spread quickly, inflicting suffering and possibly causing scarring, skin thickening or compounding health issues. Over time, persistent skin damage can prevent the fur from ever growing back and severe cases can snowball into serious health problems.  Sarcoptic mites can even overtake an entire household and its occupants almost overnight.

The million-dollar question is how to treat mange!

It’s not a question of if you should treat your dog’s mange; the only question is what’s best for you and your pet.

For decades, clinicians have treated mange with risky agricultural pesticides that are prescribed off label to get around FDA regulations. The neurotoxins in them that kill mites can also affect the dog’s nervous system. Reported side effects range from mild to fatal and some damage to the nervous system can be permanent. If the mites have not become resistant, chemical treatment can take up to a year, and even then, they just treat symptoms.

Today, more and more people are becoming savvy to their risks and there’s a growing demand for a better alternative.

What is the best way to treat mites?

The best method to treats mites is naturally and holistically. This is safer and far more effective because it doesn’t just kill mites; it also works to fix any underlying causes to help achieve long-term resolution. The best natural treatments avoid mite re-infestation and support the dog through the (sometimes long) road to recovery.

Even better, mites cannot build up immunity to natural substances and, of course, natural treatments eliminate the chance of side effects.



Mite Avenge® finally gives pet parents have a valid choice.

While natural mange treatment is unquestionably healthier, the problem has been the lack of a proven method. When a reader shared her story about Mite Avenge® by Happy Dog Naturals, we felt we had to look into it. We found a purely natural product that works effectively. Mite Avenge’s synergistic blend of highly effective natural ingredients is designed to safely kill the mites that cause mange on contact and also helps a dog heal.

This unique approach gives concerned owners who don’t want to use pesticides, chemical products or unproven home remedies a great way to safely restore their pet’s health.  Unlike other treatments, Mite Avenge specifically targets either Demodectic, Sarcoptic or Cheyletiella mites with treatment plans designed to kill each particular mite as well as holistically dealing with condition-specific problems. These plans also include key steps to reduce the chances of recurrence & re-infestation, which are common with other types of treatment.

Mite Avenge is easily applied at home during bath time and is effective on all types of mange. It’s safe, works faster and is less expensive than chemical treatments without side effects. We could only find positive information about both Mite Avenge and Happy Dog Naturals. It is also reassuring that they offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

If your dog develops mange, it deserves a natural and effective way to kill the mites for good. Go natural and go safe. Treatments like Mite Avenge® do just that.


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