The Dachshund – Loyal, Playful and Long!
16 December, 2015

Who doesn’t recognize the adorable dachshund with its’ low-slung body that has been affectionately known as the weiner dog. The dachshund is confident and a born hunter. The dachshund has an energetic, pleasant expression. Dachshunds have three different coat varieties: the smooth is short and shining, imparting some protection against the elements; the longhair is sleek, sometimes slightly wavy, providing somewhat more protection; the wire has tight, thick and hard hair with a finer undercoat, providing maximal protection.

The Dachshund is an adventurous dog

The dachshund is bold, curious and always up for adventure. He or she likes to hunt and dig, tracking by scent and going to ground after a game. It is independent but will join in its family’s activities whenever given a chance. They are good with children in its own family, but some may snap at strange, new children. Most are reserved with strangers. Some bark. The longhaired variety may be quieter and less terrier-like; the wires may be more outgoing. Some miniatures are more prone to be timid.

Dachshunds are also very playful and lively

The Dachshund’s playful nature comes out around your home. He or she loves to be close to you and partner with you in tasks like tying your shoes. Because of his intelligence, he often has his own ideas about what the rules are when it comes to playtime-and those rules may not be the same as yours or even other breeds of dogs. Dachshunds are known for being lively and enjoy chasing other small animals, birds, and toys.

Those little Dachshunds have a big, loud bark

Dachshunds’ lungs are large for a dog this size and they have a barrel-like chest. Because of these physical attributes, Dachshunds have a loud, deep bark that sounds as though it comes from a much larger dog. And they do like to bark, which is something you might consider if you have neighbors who could be annoyed rather than amused by the antics of your brave little Dachshund. But, they are trainable so you can help teach them to stop barking.

Dachshunds are a great choice if you live in an apartment

Dachshunds are a good choice for pet owners who live in an apartment and don’t have a backyard. They are popular for owners who live in the city because of their small size and ease of care. They generally are active indoors and also enjoy going on walks. Just be careful not to let them get too fat or allow them to injure their backs by jumping off furniture. Also, be sure to support their backs when you are holding them. Because of their long backs, they are susceptible to slipped or ruptured (herniated) disks in their backs, which can result in partial or full paralysis.

Dachshunds will often bond closely with a single person. They may even become jealous of their owner’s attention and can, if not properly trained and socialized, become snappy.

Dachshunds like other dogs should be socialized and crate trained

Dachshunds can be stubborn and difficult to housebreak. Crate-training is recommended.

Dachshunds can be mischievous. Be patient, firm, and consistent when training them. This little dog needs an owner who understands how to be his pack leader or he will take over the house, and begin to try and tell the owner what to do. If the dog is allowed to take over, many behavior problems will arise, such as, but not limited to, guarding furniture, separation anxiety, guarding food, toys or other objects, snapping, biting and obsessive barking.

They were bred to not only hunt but kill their prey; in your household, their choice prey most likely will be your Dachshund’s toys and he will effectively hunt them one after the other. Leave lots of toys out for them!

Dachshunds should be walked daily

These are active dogs with surprising stamina; they need to be walked daily. They will also enjoy sessions of play in the park or other safe, open areas. Be careful, however, when pedestrians are about because Dachshunds are more likely to be stepped on than more visible dogs. They should be discouraged from jumping, as they are prone to spinal damage.

When properly trained, Dachshunds can be severely loyal, fun pets who are as happy with toys or just sitting right next to you watching television. Their ease with apartment living makes them especially helpful for those who don’t have a yard.

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