Did You Feed The Dog is The Perfect Solution to that Important Question!
22 January, 2016

As pet parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that our pets are cared for properly with the right food, a comfortable sleeping place and lots of love.  And, of course, feeding our pets is one of the most important tasks we must tend to each morning and evening.  But, sometimes, in a home with more than two people, you just don’t know if your dog has been fed!  If asked, dogs will lie!  And that’s where the brilliance of Did You Feed the Dog comes into play.

What is Did You Feed The Dog?

Did you Feed The Dog is a device that is simple to use and acts as a reminder to everyone in the household that your dog has been fed.  Built with high ABS plastic and a stylish brushed metal appearance, Did You Feed the Dog has each day of the week and the heading, “A.M.” and “P.M.”.  You simply move the slider the right to show you have fed the dog that morning or night.

No batteries or training are required and you can mount it anywhere.  At the end of each week, you simply push the sliders to the left and start over.

Did You Feed The Dog is a great way to teach kids responsibility AND not over-feed your dogs

When feeding your dog, it is usually the parents that take care of the actual task.  When your younger kids see you feeding the dog and switching the sliders, most kids want to participate.  It’s a great way to teach your kids how to be responsible and most kids feel proud to switch the slider to the right.  Did You Feed The Dog can also help with over-feeding and obesity in dogs.  The last thing you want to do is feed your dog three times a day!

Did You Feed The Dog is appealing in its simplicity

The actual device is attractive and will blend in to your home easily.  The product dimensions are 4-3/8″ w x 6″ h x 5/8″ d with two mounting options included: two pieces of sticky foam tape and two pieces of sticky magnetic material.  You can mount it on your washer/dryer, kitchen wall or anywhere you like. With a price of $9.95, you have to try this stylish yet smart device.

Did You Feed The Dog can also be used if you have more than one dog

If you have more than one dog, you invariably feed your dogs at the same time each day.  You can either have one device per dog or just make sure that everyone in the family knows that you push the sliders to the right after ALL dogs are fed!

There are so many reasons to buy this handy device for your home.  It’s simple, sleek and is a great solution to assure that your dogs are fed twice each day (and not over-fed either!). At a price of $9.95, it’s a must have.  Go to http://www.didyoufeedthedog.co and purchase one today.  You and your dog will be happy you did! 

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