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28 February, 2012

As we all know, cats come in different shapes, sizes and personalities.  If you happen to be looking for a particular breed, below are some tips as to what each breed looks like and their personality type.  Some breeds require more physical activity than others and some require more affection/attention.

Personally, I think we should all adopt our cats but the below can help you distinguish the type of cat you might want or find when you adopt or choose your cat.

The American Short Hair

The American Short hair is popular with families because they tend to be very loving and kind. The American Shorthair was originally a working breed, mainly for hunting mice, which explains their structure, short hair and muscular body.  They love to exercise, but are also very happy to be a lap cat.

The Oriental Cat

The Oriental is one of the most popular cat breeds around. This breed is a very intelligent, loyal companion and tends to bond quickly with his family.  They have large, pointed ears, and have a muscular body.

I’m an Oriental Cat named Sasha!

The Birman

The Birman is believed to originate from Burma.  They are best known for their blue eyes, white body, smoky-brown face, ears, feet and tail. Birmans’ have a long and robust body structure with long hair. They love to play and are very affectionate without being too needy.

The Sphynx

If you are looking for a very affectionate, cuddly cat, then a Sphynx could be the breed for you. Although it seems as if they don’t have any fur, these cats actually have peach fuzz all over their body. This breed requires a little more care as they can easily become too cold.  But, since they don’t have much fur, they won’t shed everywhere…a huge plus!

The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is a very gentle cat and appropriately named as they can be very flexible and relaxed when they are picked up. If you love a cat that follows you from one room to another, this breed is a great match.  Further, they are very careful not to scratch or bite you during play time and are therefore an excellent cat for young children.

Now that you have a better idea of the different breed types, hopefully you will find the choice of a cat to be a little less difficult than before (when you adopt!).  Any and every cat has wonderful traits and will be a great addition to your home.

Have You Built A Profile For Your Pet?

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