Do You Have Dog Hair Everywhere??
9 April, 2013

As much as we all love our dogs, let’s be honest…the shedding can be annoying.  We seem to spend all day removing all the dog hair from the couch and then the next time we sit down, we’re filled with hair!   There really is no way to stop shedding altogether, but with a good, healthy diet and grooming, the shedding can at least be minimized.

A healthy diet can help minimize shedding

If you are looking for a healthy dog food to help reduce shedding, make sure that the first ingredient is meat or protein. A cheaper or lower quality dog food has fewer nutrients and will cause excess shedding and an array of health problems in the long-term. Though high quality dog foods are more expensive, your dog doesn’t need as much to fill him up and will eat less making them less expensive in the log run.

Anti-shedding supplements can help

There are anti- shedding supplements on the market that can help reduce shedding.  The supplements contain oils that help reduce your dog’s shedding.  Your vet can probably recommend a good supplement for your dog.  Or, a less expensive way is to add a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil to your dog’s food to help reduce shedding.

Make sure to groom or brush you dog daily

Brushing your dog on a daily basis is fundamental to reducing shedding. When a dog’s fur is brushed, the loose strands of fur are collected by the brush. If left in place, your dog would naturally shed the fur throughout the course of the day.  Therefore, when you brush your dog, it helps reduce shedding by collecting the fur before it falls off the dog’s coat and lands on furniture, floors and all over your clothes!

However, don’t be alarmed if there is a lot of shedding in the first week or so; this is just a build up of dead hair. Once the dead hair is removed, the grooming will be quick and shedding will be reduced.

Regular dog baths can help reduce shedding

Although, it isn’t always easy, bathing your dog on a regular basis will help minimize shedding.  If you bathe and then brush your dog, it will condition his skin and fur and collect all the fur that would have been shed had you not bathed him or her.  Some dogs even like baths and you can try to make it fun for your pup by giving him or her treats after the bath.

If your dog is stressed, he or she will shed a lot

Stress can cause a dog to shed excessively.  If for some reason, your dog starts to shed excessively, there might be an added stress in his or her life.  If you think this is the case, take note of any behaviors or differences in your dog’s life.  Did you move?  Buy a new bed for your pup?   Dogs are sensitive creatures and even the slightest change can increase stress and, in turn, shedding.

It is natural for a dog to shed.  However, if you feed your dog a good, healthy diet and groom him regularly, it should help minimize the shedding so the fur isn’t everywhere!

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