Does Your Cat Love You? Let Me Count The (12) Ways!
10 February, 2015
Cats Show Love

While our feline friends and fur-babies aren’t as expressive as dogs, they do show their love in so many ways.   Some of our cats are outwardly affectionate and there is no doubt that they are sending their love, while other cats show their love in other, not-so-obvious ways.  Each of our cats is different and will show you in his or her way just how much your kitty loves you.

Below are twelve different ways that your cat demonstrates his or her love:

1. The infamous head butt

If a person were to head butt you, you wouldn’t be very pleased about the situation, but, but with a cat it’s a whole different message. To be on the receiving end of what is actually known in the cat world as “head bunting” is a very special privilege. When a cat head butts you, he or she is releasing facial pheromones that represent their feelings of trust and safety they have with you.

2. The luxurious purring sound

Cats purr for all sorts of reasons, but there is one unique full bodied rumble that your kitty saves exclusively for their true love. Purring also lowers your kitty’s heart rate and helps them to relax and exhibit feelings of contentment.

Cats Show Love


3. Grooming you 

Mother cats groom their kittens from the moment they’re born, so being licked was one of your kitty’s very first feelings of being loved and cared for. Sibling kitties who are raised together often groom each other throughout their lives. So if your kitty is licking you, she’s showing her love for you.

4. Love bites or nibbles

If your cat is a chronic nibbler, then your cat is professing his love for you. It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between a love bite and a regular cat bite, one hurts and the other tickles! Nibbling isn’t a common sign of love, but when a cat does nibble, it is their way of saying they love you.

5. The tail twitch

You can tell a lot by looking at a cat’s tail position.  When a cat’s tail puffs, it means they are scared or annoyed, but when his or her tail twitches at the very tip, it means they are happy. If you notice this action when your cat approaches you, then you can be sure that they are sending you their love.

6. Rolling around right by you

When your cat throws him or herself right on the floor in front of you and starts rolling around, they are trying to get your attention. Cats only show their tummies voluntarily to those they can trust. Feeling safe means a lot to a cat, so when they sprawl out in front of you, this is a sign that they feel loved and protected.

7.  Licking your ears

It’s not often that humans are deemed worthy of these very special licks, but if your cat has chosen to lick your eat, it is just another sign that your kitty is professing his love.

8. Kneading

Kittens knead against their mothers to stimulate milk production, which is why kneading behavior in cats is nostalgic of kitten-hood and acts as a way of reliving the happy moments they experienced as little ones. So next time your kitty starts moving its paws up and down on you, remember that they are not just trying to soften you up before taking a nap, but that they’re expressing their adoration for you.

9. Slow blinking

It is said that cats kiss with their eyes, so don’t expect to share this sign of affection with any old cat. Cats save eye contact for people they know and trust. If that eye contact is coupled with slow blinking then you’ve just received a kitty kiss. Return the love by mimicking the behavior.

10.  Nap time

Kitties crave warm safe places to sleep, so if your kitty decides to snuggle down beside you, then you should feel especially honored. Cats are most vulnerable when they are sleeping, and there is no greater compliment than when they choose you as their snooze spot.

11.  Gifting or the ‘presentation’

It isn’t very fun when your kitty brings you a small dead something (like a rat or bird), but a kitty that presents you with this bounty deserves to be praised. Despite our domestication, cats still have the inner hunter and sharing their prizes with you is a sign of true friendship (and showing off a bit).

12.  Sitting on Your Lap

Your kitty plopping down on your lap for a rub down or even on your favorite t-shirt is showing you his or her love.  It suggests that your cat loves your scent directly or indirectly and wants to be ‘all over you”.

Once you really get to know your cat or cats, you will find that each one expresses their love in different ways.  They might not pant all over you, but they do show their affection in their own way.  We love our felines and their demonstrative attributes!



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