Does Your Dog Chase Cars?
19 August, 2013

Some dog owners, especially those who have just brought a dog home, have trouble with their dogs chasing cars down the road.  This could be just from their inherent need to chase or something that had occurred when they are puppies.  There are many reasons why a dog will sometimes chase cars, but, obviously, it is a behavior that needs to stopped and addressed as it can be dangerous for all involved.

Dogs chase because of their need to go after prey

Even though the dog has been domesticated for thousands of years, dogs still have many traits and characteristics that are inherent when they were out in the wild. The chase of prey is one of these traits, and some dogs that still have the urge to run down wild prey may chase cars. In these cases, a car has taken the place of wild animal that the dog wants to chase.

Dogs sometimes chase cars because they are bored

Dogs that are bored may also chase cars in an effort to break up the tediousness of the day. For many outside dogs that have no other form of entertainment, car chasing may be the highlight of their day. Of course some dogs that have many other activities may still choose to chase a car simply because it is a game that they thoroughly enjoy.

Dogs chase cars to protect their territory or space

Car chasing behavior may also occur if a dog is trying to protect his or her territory. While the street, and even down the road, does not seem like the dog’s territory, a dog could, perhaps, see it as the range that often extends beyond the home. Much like a person ringing the doorbell or arriving at the front door, a car can be seen as an invasion of territory. In this case, once the dog has chased the car out of its territory, he or she will often return home.

Ways to stop your dogs from chasing

Once a dog has developed this not-so wonderful car chasing behavior, it can sometimes be really hard to stop the behavior.  If your dog does chase cars, try to increase your dog’s level of activities by playing with your dog more often and taking your dog for plenty of walks. If your dog is chasing cars due to boredom, then try shaking up your dog’s routine and giving him or her plenty of exercise so he is to worn out and disinterested in a passing car.

Your dog might need to be fenced in the yard

Dogs that are chasing cars because they believe they are running down prey or protecting their home will need more serious forms of intervention. The best method is to prevent your dog from getting outside where it can chase cars. A secure fenced in the back yard and vigilance at the doors may help to prevent any escapes that lead to car chasing.

If all of the above doesn’t work, it might be a good idea to hire a professional behavior therapist to give you exercises to help stop your dog from chasing cars. The therapist will need to spend time at your home with you and your dog to teach you both lessons to combat this problem.

With time and effort, you can stop your dog from chasing cars.   It might require some training and a lot of vigilance on your part.

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