Does Your Dog Run After People That Jog By?
5 March, 2012

My friend, Betsy, has a dog named Joanna, who has a tendency to run after joggers.   Betsy has tried to stop her from doing so and it hasn’t really worked out for her.  Apparently, this behavior is very common in active dogs.  

In fact, some dogs are triggered by the fast movement of the person jogging by and want to chase after them.  It becomes a game and the dog might try to catch up with the jogger. Most dogs will stop if the jogger stops. However, they might bark showing that they are happy to chase a jogger.

When Joggers surge past, teach your dog to sit or stay

If your dog shows an interest in runners, try to curb this behavior by teaching your dog to sit, stay and let the jogger go by. Reward your dog for not chasing the jogger. If the treat is especially tempting like a piece of meat, make sure that your dog looks at only you and ignores the jogger completely. This will take some time and training. Eventually, your dog will learn to sit and look at you and let the jogger go by without paying them any mind.

We love running after people but will stop!

Try jogging or walking at quick pace

If you are a jogger or can walk at a quick pace, take your dog with you. Some dogs will lose interest in other joggers as you and your pup jog by. If your dog jumps up on you as a game, stop jogging and say “no”.  When your dog has relaxed, you can try the jog again.

Every time your dog interferes the run, stop and wait. Your dog should make eye contact with you and then you can begin the jog again. Even though this will break your exercise routine, it will provide exercise, training, and bonding between you and your dog.

Practice in your back yard (if you have one)

When your dog is in the yard and running along the fence barking, you can try to curb this behavior by saying “No” and then bring your dog inside. You might have to change the time your dog is out. Joggers tend to be active in the early morning before working hours and after work. Again, you can train your dog to ignore the joggers with games, treats, and toys that are more interesting than watching people.

Sometimes it seems the tricks we use in an attempt to change the behavior of our pets might not work or we’re unsure if we’re implementing them correctly. If your dog doesn’t seem to be responding as he or she should, it’s best to contact a trainer. There are many resources available for finding a good dog trainer, such as doing a search on the internet or getting referrals from friends with well-trained dogs!

Remember that a well-trained dog is a happy dog and an even happier owner!   

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