Does Your Dog Shed Everywhere?
16 April, 2012
While we all love our dogs tremendously, we can still be bothered by the shedding issue.  Our dogs can be seen not only with us, but they leave their lovely fur all over us.  Do you ever arrive at the office looking like you rolled over with your dog?  Nothing says that you have a dog more than his or her hair clinging to our clothing and all over our furniture.
Vacuuming is one of the best ways to cut down on dog hair buildup, but if you don’t always have time to drag out the vacuum cleaner, try some of these easy suggestions for cleaning up the piles of pet hair.
1.  Use a damp mop to sweep up loose dog hair from hardwood or vinyl floors.
2. Wear a dampened rubber glove or use a damp sponge to pick up loose dog hair that is attached to upholstered furniture.

3. Use a sticky roller to lift dog hair from fabrics and upholstery. Washable sticky rollers enable you to recycle instead of dispose of the product.  (I always have one in my car).
4. Purchase a washable Furniture Magnet Pet Hair Remover to help you wipe off the dog hair from clothing, furniture, or pillows. Place it under your furniture cushions for easy access.
5. Use a window squeegee to pick up dog hair from your carpet.
6.  Choose furniture that is made from smooth fabrics such as leather, faux leather, or other fabric to which loose hair won’t stick as readily.
7. Place a washable towel or blanket over your dog’s favorite sleeping spot to keep his or her hair from clinging to cushions.
8. Use washable window coverings if your dog likes to lounge in front of a picture window or patio door.
9.  Drapes made of smooth fabrics won’t attract as much hair as heavily textured ones, so if you’re in the market for some new window furnishings, purchase some that are less likely to become filled with your dog’s hair.
10. Keep a lint brush near your favorite chair. Then, after your dog sits on your lap, you can roll off the hair before you get up.
11. Use a feather duster or similar device to clean between the slats of mini-blinds to remove deposited hair.
12. Change the furnace and air conditioner filters more often during shedding season to prevent blockage.
If you follow these tips, it won’t stop your dog from shedding, but can help you deal with the fur that is left behind.

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