Your Dog Ate A Sock- What To Do Next!
9 January, 2018
naughty german shorthair pointer puppy chewing on a sock

Dogs love to play with and sometimes eat things they shouldn’t, particularly socks.  If you suspect your dog ate a sock, it can become a serious issue if not addressed.  The most important thing you can do is stay calm, figure out when your dog ate the sock and then come up with a plan.

As always, first consult your veterinarian for advice, but here are some things to note and watch out for:

If you have a big dog and the sock is small, your dog might vomit it back up (the best case scenario) either right away or a day or two later. If that doesn’t happen, it’s possible that the dog might pass the sock and eventually poop it out. This could take several days, and you will want to take a close look every time your dog poops to check for the sock.

What if you’re not sure if your dog ate a sock?

Because some types of items are difficult to see on an x-ray, and because dogs sometimes swallow things without our realizing it, you should take your dog to your veterinarian to see if your dog ate the sock and can be removed with an endoscope.

An obstruction is serious and it requires surgery to remove the item. The tricky thing is you might not realize your dog has one if you didn’t actually witness him swallowing a sock or something he shouldn’t. Or once the sock gets in the intestine, it’s a problem because you can’t get a scope down that far and then they can swell from the gastric and intestinal juices and the sock can get stuck.

If your dog is fortunate enough, the movement of ingested material will help your dog pass it out without much problem. At times though things might not turn out smooth and as the sock goes through the digestive system some problems may arise. These will be evidenced by symptoms such as lethargy, vomiting or lack of appetite.

If you saw your dog eat a sock, some steps to take or consider

If your dog ate a sock within two hours, try and induce vomiting. If the time passed has been more than two hours, do not induce vomiting and go see your veterinarian.

But, if your dog doesn’t seem to eat or can’t keep the food down once they eat, it is advisable to rush to the vet. These usually indicate intestinal blockage and are a sign that the movement of the sock down the system has been blocked.

How to make your dog get rid of the sock

After your dog ate a sock, induce vomiting as advised by your veterinarian. There are many ways to induce vomiting safely in dogs. Hydrogen peroxide can be given orally to facilitate throwing up. This is to be given in 1 milliliter portions of 3% hydrogen peroxide for every pound of dog weight. Once the first dose is administered and your dog has not vomited after 15 minutes, try another dose. If this does not work visit your vet.

After you have given this to your dog, watch your dog closely to confirm the sock gets thrown up. Also monitor them to ensure the sock does not get stuck on its way out.  It can take up to 48 hours to a number of days. As long as your dog is eating, active and does not appear sick or exhibit symptoms such as vomiting and lethargy, he should be okay.

Surgical removal of the sock

Surgery is the last resort and recommended in situations where the passing of the sock are slim. This requires some monitoring and x-rays may be necessary to show where the sock is stuck. Proper after care will be necessary for fast healing.

As long as you take good care of your dog after he or she has swallowed a sock, everything should be okay.  The best thing you can do is keep those socks away from your pups and always either on your feet or in closed drawers!



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