Dog Breeds That Work Well With Children
3 September, 2013
If you are looking to adopt a new dog or even an older dog, there are some dogs that typically get along better with children.  While there are no steadfast rules, and of course, each dog is different, there are some dogs that typically work better with children.  Families with kids need to pay attention to certain dog qualities such as temperament, size and energy level before adopting or buying a dog.
As we know, kids like to play with dogs.  And sometimes they are too young or can’t actually read a dog’s cue to back off.   It is better to have a dog breed that doesn’t mind if his hair or tail gets pulled.   Equally important is the size of the dog as some dogs are too big for young children.

It is also advantageous to select a dog that doesn’t require as much activity as others but are OK with high action around the house.  If dogs don’t receive the exercise they physically require, they are more likely to develop behavior problems such as excessive chewing or barking.   If you and your kids are able to walk the dog or exercise him or her, then this won’t be an issue.
Below are some breeds that typically work well with kids:
The Beagle is usually a non-biting breed that works well with children.  They are approximately 40 to 59 lbs. Beagles do shed.   If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, it is worth looking into other breeds that do well with kids.
Bassett Hound:
The Bassett Hound is also a non-biting breed. Approximate size: 50 to 65 lbs. Gets along well with other dogs and pets. Minimal exercise needed.
Cairn Terrier:
The Cairn Terrier is also a non-biting breed. Approximate size: 13 to 25 lbs. Minimal shedding.
Cocker Spaniel:
The Cocker Spaniel is generally a non-biting breed. Good with kids. Approximate size: 13 to 30 lbs. Regular exercise may be needed.
The Dachshund, also a non –biting breed weighs from 16 to 32 lbs. They are medium shedders and require modest exercise. Housebreaking can be difficult but with a little extra effort, they are excellent companions.
Golden Retrievers
Golden Retrievers, while bigger than some other dogs mentioned, weighing in at 65 to 75 lbs. are easy to train and get along well with other dogs and pets. Daily exercise is essential and they love to play with dolls and other toys.
Labrador Retriever:
Labs are also bigger dogs and generally weigh between 60 to 75 lbs.  They have very short hair and there is minimal grooming required. Labs require daily exercise and are extremely friendly.   Better for kids that are beyond infancy.
While there is no guarantee a certain type of dog will get along well with your children, there is a wide range of dog breeds (many more than mentioned here) that are known for being excellent family dogs. Always remember, before adopting or purchasing your next puppy, please do your homework.   It is always a good idea to at least bring your children with you when choosing a dog to see how they interact with each other.

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