Why Does Your Dog Have a Dry Nose?
29 January, 2018
dog has dry nose

Dogs have adorable mushy noses that tend to be moist all the time which means your pup is healthy. Your dog’s wet nose is part of the reason why your dog has an amazing sense of smell. The wet nose draws in tiny particles to be examined by your dog’s olfactory glands. So, if your dog has a dry nose, should you be concerned?

Most of the time, a dry nose is nothing to worry about, but it could be a sign of something more serious. A dry dog nose can quickly go from bad to worse, drying out and forming crusty scabs that flake off and bleed. A dry nose doesn’t always mean your dog is sick, but it does indicate an underlying issue such as an allergy or irritant.

There are many reasons why your dog’s nose is dry:

Warm air in the house or outside

You know how we can have a scratchy throat from warm air during the summer?  The warm air or heat can have the same effect on your dog’s nose. Think if your pooch been sleeping right next to a vent to keep warm.  If this is the case, his nose should regain its moisture once he moves away from the vent.


Has your dog been drinking enough water? A dry nose could be a sign of dehydration. If there is plenty of water available for your dog to drink, but your dog is not drinking, you should take your dog to the vet.


Dogs with allergies tend to have dry noses just as we do! Your veterinarian can help with your dog’s allergies as there are a few prescription medications that can relieve the dryness.  You can, at first, try a little petroleum jelly to keep your dog’s nose moist and prevent cracking.  Some vets recommend rubbing on Shea butter, coconut oil or even olive oil might work.

Allergic to plastic

An allergy to plastic is very common for dogs. You may be able to relieve your pooch’s dry nose just by switching his plastic bowls to ceramic or stainless steel bowls. Also, take away any toys that have plastic on them; rubber is a good replacement.

Your dog’s nose is sunburn

Just as we protect ourselves from the sun, we need to protect our dogs from UV damage as well.  Dogs can potentially get skin cancer too.  Sunblock is the key to keeping your dog’s nose moist and sniffling as it should. It is essential that you use a sunblock designed for pets or for human infants. These will be nontoxic and should do the trick.


It is completely normal for your dog’s nose to become dry while he’s sleeping. This happens simply because your dog is not licking at his nose while he’s asleep. His nose should be nice and wet again within 10 minutes of waking up.

Most of the time, a dry nose is nothing to worry about. But chronic dry nose, or a nose that is cracked could be a sign of a more serious issue. In those cases, you should take your dog to the vet who can help determine what is causing your dog’s dry nose.

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