Dog Flags – A Stylish, Friendly Alert to Make Sure Your Dog is Safe
26 November, 2013

Our dogs are adorable, fun loving pets with unique looks, personalities and temperaments.  Each dog has something that makes that pup special and unique.  Some dogs are really friendly and might jump on new people, while other dogs might be scared or timid.   Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that alerted you of the temperament of a dog when you first decide to say hello?   Well, Dog Flags does just that!

What is a Dog Flag?

A dog flag is a stylish small flag that slips over any leash and lets people know at a quick glance the personality and temperament of your pup.  They have different descriptions, such as “I’m Shy” or “I’m friendly” or even for a scared dog “Ask Before Approaching”.   The flags are an excellent way for you and your dog to know exactly what to expect from the dog that you are approaching.    The dog flags also come in leashes that have the personality or temperament written across them.

Why purchase a dog flag?

As dog owners, we are taking our dogs out with us on a more regular basis.  We take them on walks, to the dog park, out to run errands because we want to be with our pups all the time.  And as we head out in the world, we invariably will run into other dogs and people.  And, when your dog is wearing a dog flag, other people and dog owners will know how to approach your pup.  If your dog is timid or needs space, by wearing a stylish dog flag, it is a way to keep your dog safe and happy.

Maybe you have a Pit-bull or a big German Shepherd and you want the public to know that he or she is friendly.  With an “I’m friendly” dog flag over your big dog’s leash, it will let everyone know that your dog is safe to approach and wants some attention!

Dog Flags are great for adopted dogs

So many of our pups are adopted and have sometimes come from abusive homes.  Or maybe they are simply adjusting to the new world around them.  It is important to take your adopted dog out to socialize your pup and you can feel comfortable doing so with a dog flag describing “I’m shy” or “Ask Before Approaching”.

Dog Flags are a fun conversation starter

If your dog has a fun “I’m friendly” dog flag attached to his leash, it’s a great way for you and your dogs to meet other dog owners.  No one has to be fearful in approaching and your dog gets to meet so many other fun new faces.

There are so many reasons to buy a dog flag that it is almost irresponsible if you don’t.  Dog Flags are inexpensive, stylish, slide right over your dog’s leash and will keep your dog safe and happy.   Take a look at their site, purchase a dog flag or leash and you and your dog will be so happy that you did!

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