Why Does Your Dog Follow You Everywhere?
12 September, 2017
dog follows you

Dogs are amazingly social animals who love attention and enjoy being around us humans.  And some dogs love being around you so much that they follow you everywhere.  Besides the fact that your pup just likes you, why does your dog follow you all the time?

Your dog will follow you because you make him feel secure

The most likely reason your dog follows you is that you make your dog feel secure.  You are your dog’s world and best friend. When you leave for a long time, your dog’s security feels interrupted.  So your dog follows you everyone to cherish every minute together.

Dogs follow because it’s instinctual

From young puppies, dogs learn how to follow their littermates. Puppies tend to follow each other. If one pup goes to the mother for milk, the others follow because they know that one puppy is moving towards something they all want.   And they follow you because, well, that’s what they know!

Dogs are pack animals and stay close together

Dogs are pack animals and try to stay with whomever is close by.  Not only do dogs know to keep close, but they sense that you are the one who provides a bed, safety and rub downs.   Dogs are more likely to follow the friendliest dog, not the pack leader. So the fact that your dog follows you around suggest that your pup feels safe around you and that you provide love and good rub downs!

Another reason might be that your pup really likes being around you

It is known that dogs are sociable animals and like being around people.  So if your dog follows you around, he or she just wants to be near you.   And know what you are up to.  You walk away and your dog wants to know what you’re doing.   Are you getting a snack that he might share? Are you grabbing his leash?  Your dog can’t miss an opportunity to see what you’re doing and wants to join the fun!

Dogs are resourceful and follow the people who provide

Dogs naturally place value on resources in order to survive. High-value resources are ones that are a priority and these are things like food, water, and territory.  Dogs want to keep an eye on their resources.  Think about how your dog reacts when you pet another dog or when someone rings the doorbell! Patrolling your home is a part of the job that your dog instinctively does.

If your dog follows you all the time, he might suffer separation anxiety

If your dog never leaves your side and it’s problematic, he probably suffers from separation anxiety.  If you think this is the case, it’s important to work out the issues.  Try leaving your dog a toy to play with even when you’re home so he knows that he can be OK when he is not by your side.  Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise and isn’t just following you out of boredom.

Whatever the reason, it’s nice to be loved and have your dog by your side.  As long as he doesn’t follow you somewhere he shouldn’t (in the shower?), enjoy being loved and cherished.

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7 thoughts on “Why Does Your Dog Follow You Everywhere?”

  1. YES,BOTH of my old dogs Followed me EVERY where!! And after my old girl passed away (13 1/2 yrs),in Feb 2017,my old boy wouldn’t let me out of his sight!! He was 14 yrs old,had Joint Disease,on Pain meds,falling down,loss of Bowel Control,I couldnt let him suffer any longer,and YES he had Anxiety too! He Loved me and I LOVED HIM,ans My Girl!! MISS THEM BOTH SO BAD!! R.I.P KING and Maggie. Thank you,for Confirming this for me!! God Bless

  2. Great article. One of my four dogs has separation anxiety and follows me everywhere I go. Right now she is laying on the floor right next to me. My 6 month old puppy is now doing the same thing. And, to top it off, they are extremely jealous of each other trying to get my attention. As soon as one comes to me to get petted, the other will jump right in and will try to get closer.

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