Dog or Cat Scratching Your Door? The CLAWGUARD Is The Solution!
10 June, 2013

I’m sure that all pet owners have the same gripe at some time in their pets’ life.  Your beloved dog or cat scratches the door because he or she is scared or just wants you to take them on a walk.  They scratch and scratch on the door leaving awful marks behind and also risking paw injury.  But, what can you do?  We love our pets and can’t cut their nails every second.  Finally, there’s a solution: the CLAWGUARD!

The CLAWGUARD offers a simple solution to a costly problem – reliable protection against claw damage caused by pets.  The extensive coverage shields targeted areas on the door AND door frame.  The easy-to-install CLAWGUARD is transparent in color so it blends right in and matches any décor.


The CLAWGUARD features and benefits include:

  • Door and frame scratch protection
  • Works on either side of the door (inside or out)
  • Easily customize fit by trimming with household scissors
  • Frosted clear to match any décor
  • Optional smooth or textured surface to hear scratching
  • No hardware or tacky fasteners required

Protecting paws against splinters

Doors and door frames that splinter can cause serious injury and irritation to your cat’s or dog’s paws. The CLAWGUARD provides a layer of protection while shielding against splinter injuries and maintaining the integrity of your household doors.  It’s a win-win situation!

Guarding doors against damage

Replacing household doors damaged by pets can be very expensive. The CLAWGUARD protects against doors that splinter, sheds paint or displays unsightly scratch marks. It’s also engineered to shield both door and door frame offering coverage to the most targeted areas.

  • Made with 100% recyclable polymer
  • Measures W18″ x L43″
  • Made in the USA

Read what one of the many satisfied customers (and dog owner) of the CLAWGUARD has to say:

“The CLAWGUARD worked very well to keep our dog from jumping at the door once we installed it on the door. We have a Jack Russell mix so needless to say he is very hyper and likes to jump a lot so this was helpful to keep his paws off the door. I do not think he liked the lines (texture) of the CLAWGUARD and that is why he eventually stopped jumping at the door once the CLAWGURAD was installed.”

“Installing the CLAWGUARD was simple and easy. Our cat is always clawing at our front door to get out on our porch. We put the CLAWGUARD up and it prevented him from scratching at the door any longer!” So this product works not only for dogs but also for cats as well!

So, there you have it!  If you hate scratches on the door from your dog or cat and you love a clean-looking door, you MUST try the CLAWGUARD. Check out for gallery pictures, FAQs, and ordering information. You won’t be disappointed!

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