Dog Owners are Social and Cat Owners are Single? That’s What Facebook is Telling Us!
10 August, 2016
dog and cat facebook

Are there really any differences between dog people and cat people?   A study, conducted by Facebook, took a sample of roughly 160,000 profiles in the US and looked at their cat and dog photo uploads, simplifying these into cat or dog people.  Mind you, a lot of us have both so where do those pet lovers fit?

Straying from the belief that dogs are lazy and cats are Mensa-level intelligence, it turns out owning a dog means you’re more likely to be popular and a cat means that you’re more likely to be single.

Cat lovers friended more cat lovers and dog people just had more friends

Cat lovers did really turn out to have their own cult. They were 2.2 times more likely to befriend other cat people when compared to randomly chosen friends from the general population.  But dog people turned out to be the most social of all, befriending 1.8 times as many dog people as random, and 1.6 times as many cat people as random.

Cat lovers tend to be more single than dog lovers but are not spinsters!

And the crazy cat spinster stereotype? Well, based on their relationship profile status cat people were more likely to be single. About 30% of cat lovers were single compared to 24% of dog people. Although it might just mean cat lovers are less vocal about sharing their relationship details on social media.

But one good note for cat lovers that idea only lonely women have cats for company. Male cat-lovers of all ages are just as likely as older female cat-lovers to be single.

Cat people hang out indoors more but do get invited to more events

Cat people get invited to more events than dog people, and more of you are single (30 percent to 24 percent of dog people). You hang out indoors more which makes sense since we don’t have to walk our dogs! And when you’re inside, you might be reading or watching sci-fi, fantasy and anime, with “Dracula,” “Watchmen” and “World War Z” near the top of your list.

Dog people are more sociable have more Facebook friends

Dog people are friendly just like your canine kids and have 26 more Facebook friends, on average, than cat people.   Which is weird since you aren’t being invited to as many parties! You like love stories, including “The Notebook,” and stories about dogs, even the sad ones like “Marley & Me.” You’re more likely to watch “Duck Dynasty” than cat people are, and less likely to declare yourself a fan of “The Amazing World of Gumball.”

Of course, this is just a generalization and we dog and cat people don’t always fall into stereotypes.  To see the full study go to:  Facebook Cat People, Dog People

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